If you want to get your will or testament prepared in case of sudden death or some mental disability then contacting an estate planning attorney is the best thing to do. An estate planning attorney is like a lawyer but the only difference is that he/she is not a general practitioner but a specialized lawyer with the knowledge of family and financial situations and issues. An attorney specialized in this field has to do a number of tasks like; draft living trusts, make a plan to avoid estate taxes, he/she has to make sure that your savings are safe after your death, so for all this a specialized person with a degree in estate planning is needed.

Estate planning attorney

Qualities to look for in an estate planning attorney

  • You should feel comfortable in sharing your intimate details of your life with the attorney so choose somebody you can share your personal details with and can trust completely.
  • The estate planning attorney should be updated with the laws of the state and with all the changes that have been made in the laws.
  • A general practitioner is not specialized with the unique family and financial situations so choose an attorney who is well versed with all financial and family issues and has handled such problems before.

There are a number of ways through which you can find the right estate attorney like:

  • You can ask your financial advisor for some information regarding a qualified estate planning attorney as they keep on meeting estate attorneys for their clients overall financial goals; that is the reason they have two or three estate lawyers that they can refer to you.

As a number of estate lawyers take help from accountants for estate, trust and income tax issues so contacting accountants for recommendation of accountants can also be done.