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Botanik Residence And The Best Condo Buying Guide

Searching for the perfect home for your family is very important. Factors need to be considered like the location, budget, as well as the amenities included. Comfort and convenience are very important because you will not only be providing a home for yourself but for your whole family. Knowing what to look for can be very helpful. There are plenty of homes that you can purchase in Singapore, and one of the most popular these days is the Botanik Residence Jalan Remaja.

Condo Buying Guide For Beginners

The Condo Buying Guide For Beginners

The Botanik Residences is developed by Tuan Sing Holdings and this is a freehold development. This is located at Hillview 1 Jalan Remaja and this land was specifically purchased for residential development. The Botanik Residence will have approximately 120 units for the buyers to choose from and this comes with amazing facilities that would benefit you and your family which you may never find with other condominium units in Singapore.

  • Common Areas And Amenities. The area features will always make each development unique. At Botanik Residence, unique amenities will include a guard house, clubhouse, a function room, indoor gym, and a tennis court, with a 50-meter swimming pool. You will also have full access to the sun deck, BBQ pits, and there will also be a children’s playground.
  • Making sure that you and your family is secure at all times is very important. The Botanik Residence will have a guard house for added security. Condominium developments like this will usually have a 24-hour security guard and also surveillance cameras. The development should always have a customized emergency plan in case of fire, flood, and power failure.
  • Social Opportunities. When choosing a condo, access to social activities is very important. The Botanik Residence made sure that you will have access to these, especially for children which is why they will set up a children’s playground. This development is also situated near nature parks for those who love to walk and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Space Should Be Considered. Actual square footage and also the number of rooms offered in a unit should always be considered. The Botanik Residence will have a 3, 4, and 5-bedroom units. There are different floor plans available for you to choose from to accommodate the needs of your family.

Tuan Sing Holdings, the developer of Botanik Residence is a very popular Singapore Real Estate Developer that holds high profile developments in Singapore. They are focused on building high-quality real estate projects by maintaining a high standard of corporate structure and also by strengthening its risk appetite. If you are looking for a home that is built by the best in this industry, only choose Botanik Residence Jalan Remaja.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Condo in Singapore

In Singapore, the residents own their homes. It is a country with such a high home ownership rate. It is no longer a surprise that people talked about property related discussions. When it comes to personal finance, they are likely skeptical about this topic. They rather own and buy property instead of renting one. This way, they can somehow save cost.

Property ownership comes at a high cost. The land and building cost for properties in Singapore are quite high. It is important to understand the basics of what you need to know before committing to a property. At Fourth Avenue Residences your journey on becoming a property owner is much easier. It is best to know the entire property and find out the specific areas relevant to you.

Property ownership

Freedom of Space

The Fourth Avenue Residences provides a huge and spacious floor area of each unit. This is one of the factors to consider before buying a condo in Singapore. If you want freedom of space, choose the residences. You can enjoy the appropriate unit type that is ideal for your living. It is easier and definitely cost efficient to buy a condo unit than buying two separate suites. There are new developments that feature the forth avenue has. They have the terrace-style balconies within the unit that you can use as your viewing spot.

Amenities and Facilities

The amenities and facilities are an essential thing to consider when buying a condo. You should look for these factors to make a worthwhile living experience. At forth avenue residences, you can assure to have the best facilities and amenities. You can ensure yourself by providing almost everything you need. Buying a unit in the residences is worthy of your investment. Not all condominium offers the same amenities as well as facilities. The more services there are in a condo; the more expensive they can get. If you don’t need lavishing extras, ditching them can help you save some cost. Yet, if you think you can afford one, why deprive yourself of the luxurious experience.

It is way better to know the condo buying tips. Consider the cost, facilities, and amenities of the property.  Buying a condominium unit are the common step to take for most Singaporeans. You should consider the factors to suffice your needs. It will be the property you live in for the rest of your lives and should meet all your needs as a growing family.

The condo buying guide is a tip for those planning to own a unit. The new condos like the fourth avenue residences have the modern structures. They have the contemporary design and the high-tech securities. The condominium is a good buy. Remember to check the property as well as the facilities and amenities.

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Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties: For A Luxurious and Comfortable Life

Everyone dreams of having a house that is too good to be true. Home is a place where you seek comfort. It is a place where you seek solace and happiness. Whether it is a long vacation or a tiring day at work, home is a place where you would always think of coming back to relax. So, when home is such an important aspect of our lives, why shouldn’t we invest our time in finding the perfect house for ourselves?

Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties is a property that resonates with your philosophy about a perfect place to live in. there plans therefore focus on making the best properties equipped with some of the best amenities available to the people. The project which is situated in a prime location near to the MRT Station is a major attraction among the people looking for a luxurious and comfortable place to reside in.

best amenities

Luxury and comfort redefined

Fourth avenue residences is an excellent location for perfect living. The lush interiors are in perfect harmony with the convenient location of the property. All the major locations like the bus station, shopping center, schools, and what not. The residential property makes sure to provide you with all the basic facilities right at your doorstep. The property and its location are totally unique in various aspects. Right from the location to the attractions, everything is just on point.

Tourist attractions near you

The properties also brag of some of the best tourist attractions near you. So, if you are new in city and would want to explore the place along with availing the luxury that comes along with these properties. The properties have all the major tourist attractions at the reach of the hand.  All that you want is just near you and for others there are modes of transport near you. Thus, the location ensures that you are never too away from the main city. This gives you the luxury and comfort that you seek.

The apartments are all designed to perfection which makes it quite a comfortable place. Whether it comes to the interiors of the room, or the planning of the rooms, the property offers it all. Thus, Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Propertiesis an exquisite property to reside in which offers all the required amenities and luxuries.

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As Dreamers Do: The Inspirational Movie You Should Watch

Logan Sekulow went to film school at the age of 14. He was the youngest in the film school (Full Sail University) history. He was very determined to pursue the filmmaking industry. He has the dream of telling stories even before he was still young. He became part of the ‘Laugh-O-Gram Studios’ and released a film about the well-known Walt Disney. He entitled the movie “As Dreamers Do: the Amazing Life Of Walt Disney”.

The movie is a passion project for him. Walt Disney has been a lifelong inspiration for him. He wanted to share the untold adventure in a unique, creative and entertaining way. He has created the film ‘As Dreamers Do’ with a love and respect for the legacy of Walt Disney. The independent film is about the early life of Walt Disney.

The vision of the Movie

Sekulow has been a Disney fan as he could remember. He started homeschooling in the 5th grade and he remembers picking out books about Walt Disney. He reads the biography and carries the stories since he was young. He has always wanted to make up a movie. until he became part of the studio and released the movie of who the man is behind that logo he grew up with. He produces the movie with the help of his friend at Nickelodeon. He and his crew had gotten something adventurous. The movie feels like an old 50s/60s Disney live-action flick until when Walt is grown to take on its own tone.

vision of the Movie

The movie portrayed the untold and unknown life story, work, and legacy of Walt Disney. It has a story of American dreams and dealing with the failures of those dreams. It tells what became of Walt, and what got him there. Everyone can somehow relate in the movie for it encourages people not to give up on their dreams. Regardless of the pain, blood, sweat, and tears, continue on your goals. Walt Disney became of who he was because of enduring all the hardship life has thrown him. He doesn’t give up even on the days he failed over and over again. He was very determined in his ideas and pursued it in his own ways.

The movie tells the details of Walt’s life. Sekulow examines the modest beginnings, the adversities, and the people who influenced him.  Logan Sekulow has succeeded in urging people to learn even more. The movie may not have had the big Hollywood budget, but it had heart for a history.  The story has the very detailed narrative of Walt’s journey.

In short, As Dreamers Do resonates the story of a young man’s upbringing. It is a tribute to Walt Disney’s early life struggles and his unending perseverance.

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Overview of real estate developer Tuan Sing

Singapore is a developed nation and its infrastructure contributes to its development. Real estate is a major part of a country’s infrastructure. Tuan Sing is a real estate construction and development company located in Singapore. This company is also involved in businesses such as Hotel investment And property investment too. With its headquarters located centrally in the heart of Singapore and having more than 60 subsidiaries and associates in countries of Australia, South East Asia and China This is a reliable and topnotch construction company.

Recently the company has launched its project of the botanik residence tuan sing at prime location of hillview in Singapore. Tuan Sing holdings have developed this protect at Jalan Remaja road. This project consists of numerous residential, industrial as well as commercial properties with high end amenities and luxuries. The design, floor plan and construction is unique and the views are stupendous. Hence, let’s see about this in detail.

Amazing residential and commercial properties

Core values of the company:

This construction company has reached at the top position only because of its values and principles. These core values drive the creativity and imagination of the company and its employees. There are four main principles and values on which the company works. These include:

  1. Excellence: This is one of the core values of the company and they are committed to designing, developing and building one of the best residential, commercial as well as industrial properties in the industry.
  2. Integrity: the team of tuan sing Is committed to act with customers and other associates in a highly ethical and moral manner in each and every aspect of their business activities.
  3. Teamwork: This is the commitment to cooperate and collaborate with the team as well as associates and customers across different sectors and industries.
  4. Attitude: the team has the commitment of hard work, creativity and humility in each and every activity that the company participates in.

These qualities, values and commitment has led to the company build its reputation and deliver Amazing residential and commercial properties such as the botanik residence tuan sing.

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Highly-efficient espresso machine

If you like your coffee brewed to its best, you would stop yourself from buying the right espresso coffee machine. Before you the pick of the right espresso machine, you should know the types of espresso coffee machines in the market:

These machines have certain components: pumps, grinders and valves to automate the brewing mechanism of the coffee. The three types of machines are

  • Automatic espresso coffee machine
  • Semi-automatic espresso coffee machine
  • Super automatic espresso coffee machine

Few of the best picks of the best home espresso coffee machines are listed below:

espresso coffee machines

De’longi espresso machine

This is one of the best home espresso coffee machine.

Regardless of your choice of having single or double espresso shots or if you desire for a frothy cappuccino, Delongi has it all for you.

It’s known for its easy temperature regulation, quick heating abilities, a large reservoir and its featured frothy system.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

If you’re aiming to make your café-style espresso at your home, Breville is the best option. This machine is specifically designed with power-packed features, to make coffee in the comfort of your home. BES870XL is an upgraded version BES860XL of Barista Express which comes in three exquisite colours: cranberry red, black sesame and stainless steel.

This espresso machine has a capacity to store water up to 2litres, perfect for small office or store. It’s highly recommended for its sleek design, easily operated and gives a good service overall.

Gaggia Brera expresso machine

The Italian made Gaggia Brera is highly equipped super-automatic espresso is designed for optimal user convenience. If you like your coffee served strong and Italian flavoured, then Gaggia is the right coffee maker for you.

Comes with a wand frother perfectly recommended for milky drinks. Its rapid steam technology is perfect for instant heating. The Brera machine is quite appealing at first sight with its LED display and illuminated icons. You can make macchiatos, lattes and cappuccinos with this super-automatic machine. This aesthetically made coffee machine is fairly expensive compared to others in the market, however, the price is worth the piece.

Rancilio Silvia Espresso coffee machine

This machine has gained popularity for its homely use among the buyers. This machine is famous for its user-friendly mechanism. This machine is built with three thermostats, so the temperature for boiler, steam and espresso is regulated. It can be easily maintained as it comes with a removable water reservoir and dip tray. This espresso machine will never leave you disappointed.

Inviting friends over a coffee or like to have a coffee date right in the luxury of your home, then you need to find yourself the best coffee machine

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SCAA coffee makers are considered to be on the red list of the coffee makers, especially among the home coffee makers. It is treated as the most special ones on the list. If any of the coffee making machine gets approval from the SCAA i.e. The Speciality Coffee Association of America. This foundation is basically to make people aware of the coffee standard and the reference rate .


This association is a basic test to get an entrance clear in the NCAA’S List. To get into the list there are a few tests that your machine has to clear off. Besides SCAA has the right and ability to differentiate the best coffee maker from the good ones. Hence if you have one of the coffee makers which has the label of SCAA coffee maker, then you have chosen the best one for your home and will definitely serve you a good coffee. Once the coffee maker is awarded the title of the SCAA, it will remain for 3 long years till the model changes. If you have a great budget then without thinking much just get your machine to have a label of SCAA.



There are many SCAA coffee makers and are in good books. To get into the SCAA counts the coffee makers undergo a lot of processing and then finally being termed as SCAA coffee maker. Few of the best SCAA coffee makers are discussed below.

  1. Moccamaster KBT coffee maker: – the machine is extremely classy in look and comes in polished black and silver color. Besides the brewing time of it is very less about 8 minutes and its thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm for at least an hour.
  2. Barista 6 brewing coffee maker: – this coffee maker is microprocessor associated and has controlled brew cycle following the pour over method, producing 9 cups of coffee as the highest range of the machine.

To conclude, the above mentioned are the 2 SCAA certified home coffee maker with the various lucid processing. Thereby makes easier for the beginners as well. The SCAA certified coffee makers have a great height in the pile of the coffee maker. If you have an interest in buying a coffee maker and if you have a good budget, it is always best to get the best one. Thereby just have a quick look before making your buy.

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Art Appreciation for French Artist

Are there still people who appreciates art? it suddenly makes us wonder.

Art is so valuable, like no amount of great value can replace it. If art is valuable, so is the artist. The artist who’s passion and talent drives him to create remarkable and outlandish ideas, creation and imagination.

For some people who values art, they consider art as a way of expression for words they can’t speak. Or a representation for the things they wanted to convey through painting, sculpture, musics or stories.

But art isn’t just for everyone. There are people who can never appreciate the beauty of art. People who can never realised that, at some point, art had changed someone for the rest of their lives. Particularly, this French artist named Loris Greud.

outlandish ideas

The Dallas Exhibit

At one saturday evening at Dallas was reckoning. While the place was crowded and overwhelmed by artists and audience, it was also visited by unwanted guests, vandals.

Vandals came out of nowhere and lit the place with their intentions of ruining and attacking the place. Arts were smashed and ruined, and the crowd were forced to go out as guards and police controlled the wild vandals at the museum.

The art exhibition then turned into a ghost place with ruins all over leaving people to see a bunch of broken art and mess inside the place.

For the history of art exhibits, this is such a sad news and story to tell the people. People are losing interest in art that they actually take action in attacking it sending people a message that art is really losing it.

Greaud’s The Unplayed Notes Musuem

Lorie Gréaud is considered himself as a “aesthetic adventurer”. He makes art through conveying an esoteric story to please the people. He also combines it with his culture. He also finds collaborators to help him with his arts, like some scientist to help him in formulating the best scent to capture the “smell of Mars” or he gets an architect to work with to make him a building with invisible walls made from blown air.

To make it short, he makes art for himself and people realised that it pays no use to patronise it.

Is Art Losing it?

The tragedy made french artists, all over the world, realize that it is time to step up and make something that people would get involved and be part of it in instead of ruining it.

There goes the advances of high technological gadgets and sources, it is also time for art to get real updated. It is time to make something that is not passive and invite peoples interest.

Art is never forgotten, people just need to be reminded that it is still there. It is time time that artists also make something for people to feel and relate.