Things to consider before moving to a New Condo

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Buying or moving to a condominium is a great achievement. But moving from one place to another can be tiring, stressful and tiring. Before officially signing the contract, you should first consider these important things.

You should consider these things:


Apartments are often found in large urban areas near shopping and transportation centers. Before you move, ask yourself: “Is it near the office?” or “is movement or movement tolerable?” or “Is it near the child’s school?” Yes, you can live in a luxury condominium, but is it convenient for you to travel around the city?


Derive your golden retriever or poodle from the question? Ask the property in advance about their pet policy. Some low- and mid-high-altitude developments with large open areas allow large dogs. In most apartments, toy dogs, cats and other fluffy (vaccinated) pets are allowed, while in other apartments you can only take a goldfish. Learn how to create a pet friendly home here.

clementi new condo


Some condominium buildings have small windows that make you turn on the lights and air conditioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select a project with large windows that you can safely open. What happens if you have a pre-sale unit?


Performing a final inspection before moving is very important! You just don’t go in and just pay your down payment without checking every detail inside and out. Browse all areas from the main entrance to see every detail. It is also advisable to have a short list of what you need and try first to compare it with another clementi new condo launch.


The administration of your building must have a maintenance team to maintain the cleanliness of the corridors, public areas, areas and exterior windows, and to perform seasonal maintenance work, such as repainting and repairs. They are included in your monthly payments, so it’s important that you also check them.