The Important Things That You Need To Know About Your IP Address

Know About Your IP Address

An IP address a unique set of numbers separated by dots that identifies various  devices using the Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate over a network. Basically, IP addresses are these connectors on the strings that help the devices to connect to a network provided that each device that you have (wired or wireless) has an active IP address like your mobile device, your smart tv, your home assistant and so on.

There is a reason why installations are done by professionals. If your private network installation is just as simple plug and play you wouldn’t need to pay installation fees and even need professionals to do it for you. But the fact is it’s more complicated than you think. In case you’re asking “what’s my router IP is?” click the hyperlink to find out.

private network installation

People are living dumb in a digital age:

The world is high tech, it’s much easier now to work thanks to computers and it’s easier to do things thanks to wireless connectivity. But the fact is people are still dumb about their connections like IP address and how it works or something. While it’s optional to learn those stuff and even IT guys had a few units to learn about it, but with all the things that are being offered today, the benefits and the risks, do you still want to turn a blind eye over it? The fact is, everyone can earn a few things even on how IP address and internet works, and once you learn that, it will actually make you realize about the good and the bad on a technical level and more importantly, know more about your options for a better internet usage experience.

Why learning networks should start with IP address:

IP addresses connect everything together, from the undersea internet cable to your ISP provider, to their LDCM and into your home. Knowing the process of the connection with IP address with help you see the bigger picture, know their jargons and the mumbo-jumbo tech languages, it will all make sense to you. It’s better to understand a topic in order to learn and absorb it effectively.

You and your IP address:

Your IP address is like your ID in the world wide web, it’s written all over you. It’s your identity out there, and while a few numbers separated with dots doesn’t look or say that much, but with the proper technical know how there are people that can get some significant information out of it. Surely you watched and heard about a few horror stories about hacking and guess what? Your IP address is one of those ways to make your happy ever after life into a horror flick. So what can people with the right technical know-how do with an IP address?

  • Know your location
  • Hack you
  • Spy on up
  • Track you
  • Control your life

IP addresses are important because these are your identity as a visitor in the world wide web, but with all the threats and security issues these days, it does make you question if your knowledge about the current technology is enough. This is purely optional, you can be the unwilling prey or you can be the cautious type, either one can be you and it’s time to make the choice.