In below article you will find the ideas about modern wall décor and tips like for hanging the pictures on wall. We are hoping that you will sure like our article, which is full of fresh ideas and the collection of various home décor techniques.

If you are thinking of setting up the perfect furniture but still feeling like the vanilla. If you are living in the modern home where it is impossible to fill the big walls. You are having trouble in deciding the size and the type of the wall décor to choose for hanging the pictures. These all the wall décor ideas and the tips will help you in conquering the problem.

Picking up of wall décor

Picking up of wall décor

First, look at the wall where you will be filling and deciding what size of the art should be pick up for this wall. This can be determined in various ways. Throughout the post, you will see various different ideas for doing this very easily.

A good rule of the thumb is to choose the wall art, which will take up the width of the wall, minus some 6-12 inches from the sides. It will look like centered. For an example if you are having 36 inch of wall then leave about 6 inches on each side of the art piece. This means that you are choosing something around 24 inches wide.

Wall art hanging over sofa, table or bed

If you are planning for hanging wall art over the sofa, table or bed then choose the piece of art that is similar in length of furniture piece or smaller. Avoid the wall décor, which is wider than the piece of furniture. It will totally look weird.

Wall art for gigantic wall

The canvas art, which is large and huge, could be very expensive and hard to get in the apartment. Choose the smaller pieces, which can be laid like a collage or on the gallery wall like on the contemporary living room.

You can also take a look at the diptych and the triptych pattern of home art which is panels flow.