You do not have any idea in the past that shipping containers would make an excellent investment until davenport laroche investments presented it. It came to your attention that shipping industry is thriving and that shipping containers had a big role in its success.

Shipping containers are considered for its strength making it suitable for transporting goods around the world. Once it is sealed, external forces cannot damage anything inside. It can be moved easily because it is lightweight. The downside is it is not rust or corrosion-resistant. This means that if the steel is exposed to water and oxygen, rust will ensue affecting the sturdiness of the shipping container. Knowing this, it is crucial that the containers are given attention and care.

transporting goods

You also need to know that shipping containers have a life expectancy. The expectancy will depend on the leasing company but commonly containers will depreciate from 7 to 12 years of constant use. However, it doesn’t mean that you can simply throw or ignore it. It will only cease to be operational but you can still sell it for other purposes. Have you heard about “cargotecture”?

It is a new architectural trend that utilises shipping containers. The containers are modified to turn into different living spaces like houses and hotels. Shipping container homes are common these days. As an investor, you have to grab this opportunity and offer used shipping containers as a home solution. Here are the benefits of shipping container homes:

It is an affordable solution

Many people with limited income who dream of building a house think that shipping container homes are an affordable solution. Compared to building a house using traditional materials like cement and steel, shipping containers are cheaper. Converting or modifying it costs cheaper than building a structure.

It is easy to construct

The process of modifying isn’t really long. The clients will simply buy the container and then deliver it into their backyards. Contractors will execute the ideas.  The good thing about shipping container is it can transform or convert it according to a homeowner’s design or ideas.

It is moveable

Each shipping container is made of 3,500 kilograms of steel but despite that, it is still lightweight. This makes it moveable. Putting them exactly where the client wants it is easy enough. Of course, when moving, it needs a truck to effectively move it. It can come in different sizes or dimension, which makes moving a challenge sometimes.

It is environment-friendly

Converting shipping containers as homes can do good to the environment. It will reduce the production or manufacture of cement, which only gives off carbon dioxide.

It is a statement

Shipping containers can give clients the chance to design their space. It will be their statement piece.

You can be a contractor if you want to optimise your shipping containers. Since this is a fairly new industry, there are only a few contractors that can give modification solutions. You can exploit this industry and be a leader in the field. Nothing should be wasted.