All one needs to go with the Radio option which can help select ‘Create a new station’. one needs to select the music track, artist, the right album, as well as the playlist. This can allow Spotify to play music.  Spotify Radio helps to select music that can match to the preferences. one can now also choose to personalize a station with the idea of listening to the song according to the preferences.

Spotify to play music

How can this feature be a successful one?

The feature lets one help discover previously unheard songs by many artists. It can also help one to Switch to private mode to help hide an activity. There is also The community feature with Spotify which can actually be great to allow one to share a perfected music with them. one can choose to keep music preferences discreet as well as hidden in the friend list. One at times may not be comfortable to go easy with Facebook as well as Spotify friends. Promotion with this platform is best.


All such situations, one temporarily hides activity. This can be done by switching to private mode. The process that can be followed to enable private mode can be easily done by going to the File menu and clicking on the ‘Private Session’. It can be selected from the drop-down list. The idea allows one to listen to guilty pleasures without letting others finding out. There is also a supporter of numerous online streaming. It can go well with the features making Spotify stand out. This can also help improve music streaming experience. This can be the best option in getting attention one deserves on Spotify.