VPS which stands for Virtual Private Server which has a copy of the operating system of its own where customers might have access to superuser level to that particular operating system. So because of this customers can install nearly every software which runs on that operating system. On the other hand, cPanel is an internet based hosting control panel which is provided by several hosting providers so any website owner can manage his website with the help of web-based interface. The program of the cPanel provides its users graphical interface by which they can control the portion of their Unix server.

Why People Opt VPS With cPanel

You might be figuring out that why people opt VPS with cPanel to host their website so the reason behind this is that the web hosting of a VPS gets approved as the indispensable tool for most of the webmasters. Hosting a website of VPS with cPanel is a cheaper way to host your own website where there are not much of funds are required to host your VPS website where hosting a website on VPS can be quite expensive if one does not do it with cPanel.

VPS Works

How Does A VPS Works

In the easier terms, VPS is a kind of server inside a server which means to say that one physical server does the task of hosting many virtual servers and each server is isolated from every other server. Each VPS can be rebooted independently as well where the host of a VPS can reboot his website by himself. A VPS helps small business to host their websites without any expense or a very little bit of expense.

So if you also want to have a website for your business and do not have enough money to run a dedicated server for your website then VPS is something which is made for you.