Pimples or razor bumps are very common in most men and they experience this usually after they shave. Not only in the face, but even in the bikini zone, the chest, and down the neck. Many suffer from this side effects just to have a hairless skin. But this should not be part of the deal. If you don’t have acne and just have after-shave zits, let us go ahead and find out on how to get rid of zits after shaving.

get rid of zits after shaving

Identifying The Bumps

Before formulating a treatment, you need first to identify whether these problems are ingrown hair or razor bumps. These are hair that gets trapped inside the skin and it becomes infected. Instead of growing out, it grows is. After a while, this can turn into a pimple, a whitehead, or a bump. If you have the knowledge on how to prevent ingrown hairs, then you are off to a great start.

Light Exfoliating For Men

Exfoliation is not only for women. Men should also try this at some point to get rid of the dead skin cells. Other than that, it also helps you achieve a closer shave and it deeply cleanses the skin. When you exfoliate, the bacterial transfer will have no chance. It is important that you use gentle face or body scrub, a clean washcloth, and your pre-shave body wash.

The Wonders Of The Pre-Shave Oil

These are natural oils and it will not block your pores and trigger blemishes. Choose the right pre-shave oil, the ones that can soften the skin and comes with anti-bacterial properties to prevent pimple formation. This oil can help protect the skin from irritating razor glides and it can also moisturize the skin.

Use Clean And Sharp Razors

The moment the blade hits the skin, it removes the dead skin cells. These end up in your razor. Make sure that you use clean razor blades every time you shave to prevent bacterial contamination that comes from the dirty razor. It should also be razor sharp to prevent your skin from breaking.

Aftershave Is A Must!

Using alcohol for an aftershave is not highly recommended especially if you have sensitive skin or if you are prone to skin blemishes. Alcohol can irritate the skin and can cause dryness, flakiness, and itching. Choose a good aftershave that can also moisturize your skin. Experts advise choosing products that have Witch hazel because this is a natural astringent.

Looking your best after a good shave should be the ultimate goal. Say goodbye to the zits that seem impossible to get rid of. Now, you can start enjoying the results of you shaving without suffering from its side effects.