Different types of tools and equipments are put into use in the industrial sector. These tools re specially designed for the purpose of providing complete accuracy in any work or activity undertaken. A metal washer is one such essential tool that is used as a wear pad, spring, locking device, spacer, and other such applications.

There are basically two different types of metal washers, namely, plastic and metal. Because of brinelling there can be pre-load loss taking place. And to prevent it there is the need to use bolted joints that are of high-quality along with such steel or metal washers. Quality can only be found in the tools that are manufactured and sold by trusted metal washer supplier in the market.

categories of metal washers

Different categories of metal washers :-

Most of the metal washer supplier deals in varied types of such tools so that the customers can easily buy want they want. After all customer satisfaction is one of the main concern of trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. Steel or metal washers can be normally classified into 3 different types namely- Spring washers that  can be used for the purpose of preventing fastening which can occur as a result of vibration, Locking washers that performs the same function as Spring washers and the last category is Plain washers that are used for preventing any damage to the fixed surface and also does provide electrical insulation.

Why to purhcase industrial tools from recognized suppliers?

Standard metal washer suppliers in the market only deals in hig-quality tools and equipments. As such the chances of any fault in the tools manufactured by them are considerably less. Also in case of any problem with the washers purchased from any specific supplier, they provide repair service free of charge to the customers in the best manner.