These are temporary, inexpensive pools applying PVC material (Polyvinyl chloride).  These are movable pools which can be bought in supermarkets to serve the summery months. These shallow pools are especially meant for backyards, with air inflated sides to provide support and rigidity. These pools are collapsible and can be flattened once water is drained out and air is expelled from the sides to be folded and retained for future use. Specifically not for swimming, these “kiddie” pools to excite and amuse children who have a fancy for water.

Commercial Pools:

Pools which are installed in commercial establishments like hotels, residential apartment complexes and fitness clubs are called Commercial Pools. Safety, the paramount concern has the operation of a commercial pool serving paying clientele, in conjunction with the pool’s operations and maintenance. While the maintenance of a commercial pool is similar to that of a residential or private pool, the professional contractor for pool maintenance and Scottsdale soda blasting has to be mindful of the business implications concerning the commercial pools, with a minor oversight capable of causing an irreparable damage to the profits of the commercial establishment.

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Maintenance of the Pools

Professional contractors have a wide range of supporting services in the form of weekly pool maintenance visits and emergency services. They are also well abreast with technicalities of a pool to serve as an educational guide in the operations of a pool. While undertaking the entire gamut of maintenance and repairs, they provide a perfect overhaul to a pool ensuring efficiency and safety.

Pool opening and closing charges

Preparing the pool for summer involves opening services as the pools would be properly covered during the winters. Firstly on opening a pool for summer use a chlorine shock is given after which the cover is removed followed by reinstallation of the filter pump, filter chlorinator, fixing up the ladders and the diving board that were well stored.