Instagram is one of the most popular social engaging sites that has spread its extensions to almost every corner of the world. It started its journey with a real-time status update through photos only. This only photo or video method of expression was quite a unique intervention non-aligned between the twitter & Facebook poles

This was quietly appreciated and attracted a huge fan base who in order increase their reaches and engagement had started liking each other to express their gratitude.

reacting in Instagram like


Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows a single option of reacting to their users. The heart shaped like symbol is an all in one feature. This includes the expression of gratitude love and laughs altogether. Thereby we could easily relate the importance and the necessity of Instagram likes.

“….The more the likes, the more you are being liked”

This is a popular Instagram quote while quoting about Instagram likes.

While for persons with personal Instagram likes don’t bring more than smiles and pleasure while for those branded business accounts these likes are the master key for the tons of cash to flow


Since liking is the only of reacting in Instagram like is the essential Instagram commodity for audience engagement. Since the overnight marketing policies huge amounts of public interactions to flourish the brand in order to make the business look legit.

This necessity in turn routes for the invention of the like black marketing. Like black marketing is the paid source of like delivered over a particular post in order to increase its audience reach.


Likes all do look same, don’t they? But the sources do vary and there where happens the real magic. Generally received likes are categorized into active & real Instagram likes with fake inactive bot likes. The real likes help in public engagement whereas the bot ones are from accounts built for this purpose.

The real likes are niche and target specific, incasegeo-targeted with people sharing similar language and similar interests. This likes not only does bring active engagement with people but also increases the chances of more and more direct and organic traffic.

There with the increased flow of visitors, the organic reach increases-which, in turn, increases the probability of going viral.

In order to have an active social media marketing campaigns the likes necessary are only the real Instagram likes.