Buying a second-hand car used to be a gamble in itself. A used car lot with its salesman is filled with some of the worst horror stories in automobile purchases and it is only natural and prudent to be wary when in the market for a used car. In today’s world of inter connectivity and social media, that slick salesman has gone digital. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by the almost infinite variety of choices online and dealerships. So where do you start?

Think about the why

   Look for a car that will meet your needs. Choices would range from, your daily commute to and from work? An all-purpose family car that’s large enough? Or do you want something for trips to the outback with off-road capabilities? It is not a good idea to purchase a car around the budget as you would most likely sell it down the road if it isn’t chosen based on the why. A car that meets your needs will stay with you the longest and will be the biggest bang for your buck. 


ppsr check

     Ensure that the vehicle is not encumbered with anyone. You can get this information by having a ppsr check done on the vehicles paperwork. In addition, also make sure that the identifiers ( VIN number, serial number, chassis number ) match those of the documents. Having the VIN checked will also let you know whether the car has been involved in any accidents or disasters.

Safety and the Odometer

     Any car made within the last 10 years would have ABS and airbags. Those two are a must at least for the relative safety over those who do not come equipped. The odometer reading of a car is also very important and most modern cars will have tamper-proof readings. The less the odometer reading, the better. The general rule of a good reading would be 15-25k per year that the car has been in existence. If you find a car like that it is a good deal. Test drive that car and see if you click.

The Test Drive

     A test drive can reveal much about a used car. With the car standing still and unmoving, you won’t be able to tell if something rattles or squeaks or if there is anything funny about how its engine sounds. Furthermore, by sitting in on the driver’s seat, you can gauge how comfortable the ride would be when you actually use it.

     So there you have it –  start with the why follow up with the paperwork, check out the safety features and test it out. This may not be foolproof but it will give you a shot for a good car.