The omega acids may sound very strange if one thinks about acids that have a negative suggestion attached to the word. But, omega acids are fatty acids that are responsible for regulating the immune, digestive, muscular, psychological and nervous framework within a body. The fatty acids ensure that the body is strong enough to fight against foreign bodies that cause diseases, and helps in regulating the blood flow as well. The best family that works for the human body is the triple omega 3-6-9 acids group. This group is not produced within the body and is obtained from the food you eat. These acids post intake are processed within the body and then get into a state digestible and in a condition to be utilized by the body.

combination of triple omega

Why Is The Triple Omega 3-6-9 Family So Important for The Human Body?

The combination of triple omega 3-6-9 acids is extremely important for the body to function properly due to the following reasons:

  • The lethal combination fights diseases and many disorders within the body
  • The omega 3 acid helps you in fighting depression, anxiety, and improves brain health
  • The omega 3 acids are responsible for brain health during early childhood and also during pregnancy
  • The omega acids also improve your eyesight and develop overall health of the eye
  • The omega 6 acid reduces inflammation, regulates blood pressure, improves bone health, skin disorders and some types of cancer
  • The omega 9 acid helps in maintaining the overall health
  • The triple omega 3-6-9 helps in fighting the diseases that harm brain and vision development as they contain the unsaturated acids such as DHA and EPA

The Foods That Give You the Triple Omega 3-6-9, That You Desperately Need For Good Health

 The triple omega combo can be derived from foods such as nuts namely walnut, almond, hazelnut, pistachios, and cashews. The other foods that can be consumed to obtain fatty acids are eggs, poultry products, salmon, cold water fish, flaxseeds, olives, extra virgin olive oil, fruits and green vegetables.

The omega acids should be consumed in the right amount as per the requirements of the body as too much of fatty acid levels in the body can be damaging for you as well. There may be effects that would create problems rather than benefits for the body.