Space, a term used to associate to a living space. These things are usually the basis on whether a unit can be sold (like square meters). In buying a property space this is very important along with the consideration of the location and the price. If you are buying a new property in Hong Kong you won’t be able to get properties that are very big in space.

With the inflation rate, development and the millions of people that goes in and out of Hong Kong, its a factor why spaces are getting smaller and smaller year after year and more expensive. Its also what is happening in the bay area today this is the reason why there are many people that resulted in van and trailer life which you will see in YouTube and very popular too. But in the case of Hong Kong where space is the primary issue, this isn’t an option.

The alternative to space problems: There’s really no escaping the space concerns in buying a property or even just renting one in Hong Kong, that is why there had some creative and “make sense” ways that people are doing to conserve it. Like:

  • Multifunctional furnitures – These types of furnitures can function as one to even 3 pieces of furniture like a square stool that can be converted into a dining table with chairs. This option is widely used by people doing van life as well.
  • Living minimal – Living minimally is all about having only the things that are really necessary.
  • Storage services – A popular 3rd party storage facility that you can avail to put your stuff and help you conserve space.

Where it’s at today: The multifunctional furniture is still slowly being considered but if this won’t have a manufacturer that offers it for cheap this won’t be successful. Living minimal is an option but most people in Hong Kong hasn’t embraced this lifestyle and the government hasn’t supported this move. With the case of storage spaces, this is been the only viable option since there is much stuff that people living in Hong Kong has that they don’t want to dispose of, they like to keep but can’t because of space constraints. This is the reason why storage spaces have been their best option.

Why storage spaces work: Storage spaces work because it provides an immediate solution to space problems, people don’t need to change their lifestyle to save space nor buy expensive multifunctional furniture just to save space. Aside from that storage space services are reasonably priced. It’s like having this off the grid space where you can put almost anything in it without worrying that your home will ever be cluttered again because of the things that you pile over the years that you deemed important.

In Hong Kong Where Space is the primary concern of people buying, renting and living in it, it’s become obvious that people and the government need to look for options in order to save space, this is the reason why even of housings have increased in its price, it’s also getting smaller and smaller. This is the reason why many people are choosing to get a storage facility to get rid of some stuff that they don’t need but doesn’t want to dispose of. If you’re interested in on demand storage, check out Yes-Storage.