Grand Theft Auto has lastly arrived on Android phone. This game was very much anticipated, particularly after the release on iOS. Release day went very badly but the Rockstar eventually straightened the things out. Suppose you want to watch the review, just visit mobile gta 5.

Game Play

Suppose you have played GTA before then you will know what type of game play that you are in for. For people unfamiliar with the city of San Andreas, it is the open world game and where you will play as ex-gang banger called Carl who will return home after death of his mother to get vengeance on people who actually killed her.

This game is based on mission and is open world thus you just cruise over till you are ready doing things, and you go right there. You will have bicycles, cars, guns, motorcycles, and at times NPCs at disposal since you go through this game. You also can buy houses, visit the businesses, choose hookers, and other things, which give GTA the unique charm.

Mobile GTA 5

In Android version, nothing really has changed. Graphics were also given bump to suit resolution of the newer displays and, controls are adapted for the touch screens however we will touch more on this momentarily. Apart from adaptation to the mobile, it is a same game that everybody enjoyed in the year 2004.


Touch screen controls generally take a bit to get totally used to & they are tad clunky. You may choose between the flick controls, analog, and the on-screen buttons in case you select. Eventually, you will get used to its touch screen controls however it did not quite lose clunky feel. Left side of this screen is been dedicated to the movement whereas right side will be dedicated to the action buttons. You also can control its camera with right side in case you want to be. As per the support page, Bluetooth and HID-compliant controller, which includes Moga controller, must work really good.

Suppose you are experiencing the frame rate issues and want to push the device, you also can tweak things such as frame limiter, resolution, visual effects, targeting mode, shadows, reflections, draw distance, and more to help to boost performance and make this game look much better. It is your call. You will have to practice the flying skills and guide the helicopter or plane under 50 bridges spanning its map.