SCAA coffee makers are considered to be on the red list of the coffee makers, especially among the home coffee makers. It is treated as the most special ones on the list. If any of the coffee making machine gets approval from the SCAA i.e. The Speciality Coffee Association of America. This foundation is basically to make people aware of the coffee standard and the reference rate .


This association is a basic test to get an entrance clear in the NCAA’S List. To get into the list there are a few tests that your machine has to clear off. Besides SCAA has the right and ability to differentiate the best coffee maker from the good ones. Hence if you have one of the coffee makers which has the label of SCAA coffee maker, then you have chosen the best one for your home and will definitely serve you a good coffee. Once the coffee maker is awarded the title of the SCAA, it will remain for 3 long years till the model changes. If you have a great budget then without thinking much just get your machine to have a label of SCAA.



There are many SCAA coffee makers and are in good books. To get into the SCAA counts the coffee makers undergo a lot of processing and then finally being termed as SCAA coffee maker. Few of the best SCAA coffee makers are discussed below.

  1. Moccamaster KBT coffee maker: – the machine is extremely classy in look and comes in polished black and silver color. Besides the brewing time of it is very less about 8 minutes and its thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm for at least an hour.
  2. Barista 6 brewing coffee maker: – this coffee maker is microprocessor associated and has controlled brew cycle following the pour over method, producing 9 cups of coffee as the highest range of the machine.

To conclude, the above mentioned are the 2 SCAA certified home coffee maker with the various lucid processing. Thereby makes easier for the beginners as well. The SCAA certified coffee makers have a great height in the pile of the coffee maker. If you have an interest in buying a coffee maker and if you have a good budget, it is always best to get the best one. Thereby just have a quick look before making your buy.