lie detector testPolygraph Test is helping investigating agencies to know the correct path in their case, it is a known fact that the examiner who is conducting this test should be extremely well experienced, skillful and certified in forensic psychophysiology to deal subjects and note the data analysis. These examiners are rigorously trained and examined to reach this position where there should be unbiased and are honest towards their work. These days even private investigative firms are employing suitable candidates with highly modern technical machines possible. It must be remembered that no one is above law and these firms also should abide by it that they should have relevant permissions to scrutinize people and their personal lives.

Though it is not a fool proof method to accuse a person, it certainly gives some indicators to the mindset of the individual. There are times when an innocent who is under duress may also give similar physiological changes even when telling the truth, so it is upto the examiners to facilitate and try to reach the a conclusion through their own scoring methods that they have devised to evaluate the person’s truthfulness. The computer is not allowed to determine as it will have only fixed parameters and exceptions to the rule may encounter when dealing with human emotions that are not just restricted to body language or symptoms. Here the examiner should be unbiased in provided opinions and remarks of the findings of the test. This will enable for a better insight in seeing the whole case.

Who performs this test?

The polygraph test which is also known as the lie detector test is carried out by trained professionals who can know by the physiological changes in the body that the person is lying or telling the truth. When the person taking the test tells a lie, the body would react by sweating, increase in blood pressure and the conductivity of the skin is taken into consideration. In positive impact, these polygraph tests are implemented in order to showcase the culprits and their crimes at right period of time under the rules of higher authorities and according to corresponding legal issues only.