Now a day’s people are becoming professionals in hacking others’IP addresses within ease of time. So in order to hide your own IP address, many companies namely third party companies are providing other location based IP addresses to the users. So that, no hacker or no site owner will track your search and steal your data easily.  In this way, IP addresses play a vital role in tracking out data of different users very easily by the website owners. This is the reason why, hiding of your IP address plays a key role today.

virtual private network

Let’s know about how to hide ip address with following sources discussed below:

Specific key points:

  • An IP address motive is used for finding out a user and tracing them their activities done on the internet. It is illegal when the user data is misused. But this approach is applicable to normal users those who are beyond the crime in stealing out other’s data.
  • It certainly means that; how to hide ip address is possible through VPN (virtual private network). This network provides connection to other. Thereby, you will get a new IP address from VPN service provider. These VPN service providers provide you different IP addresses to the users those who reach them in order to save the user’s confidential search and information.
  • You can also use web proxy servers. These are known as intermediate proxy servers. These are also used for hiding your personal IP addresses and providing you new IP address. In short a new proxy IP addresses are provided to the users respectively.
  • If you really hide your IP address, your visiting websites cannot be tracked by site owners.
  • There is a program introduced by china namely internet censorship with it strict rules. They use to provide you a new IP address from other geo location in order to hiding your own IP address. But you are required to unblock some websites namely Google, face book and all. Or else these websites might be blocked.
  • Finally you need to protect your identity. Here when you use your internet and gain its access through your own IP address, your entire information can be easily monitored.


Hence with the help of IP address, a person’s data related to location, internet service provider all your security will be out. So suspicious mails, suspicious links are not advised to use and open. They simply hack your personal information through one click from your pc.  The only solution, you need to use other’s IP address and protect your identity. There is a kind of third party companies those who provide IP addresses instead your IP address and your privacy to be kept safe and secured.