Cat insurance is the insurance that takes the pain of unexpected veterinary bills. With the help of this insurance cover, you can get your cat treated on time. For this you need to insure your cat in the right time. Before getting insurance for your cat, it is important to analyze the terms and conditions well. Insuring your cat with proper examination of policy types will waste your money and time. Insurance plans will vary based on what they cover and exclude. Here are few points to help you understand about cat insurance.

Illness insurance

  • Joining rules – To join in an insurance plan, few companies require checking for the health of the cat and many more constraints. Age limit of the cat is most preferably after six to ten weeks. The maximum limit is ten years. However there are companied that do not have age limit. Then before enrolling into the plan, they should have veterinary certification for cat health understanding.
  • Incidents to be covered – Based on the coverage plan, cost for the insurance varies. The major categories are the accident only plan and the illness plan. Combined insurance plan of both is not provided by many companies.
  • Treatments covered under insurance – Illness insurance has list of treatments that can be covered under a special plan. Some of the treatments are
    • Behavioral treatment
    • Continual treatment
    • Examination cost
    • Routine veterinary care
  • Payout limits – If there is any emergency, you cannot get the payout that is covered in single payment. This is entirely based on the type of incident and condition. Also it depends on the company that we prefer.
  • Deductibles – It basically depends upon the company that we insure.
  • Defining the preexisting condition – Obviously we cannot insure any pet that is ill. Insurance company will not allow this option. So you have to give a certificate about the current pet health.
  • Exclusions – Insurance cannot be applied for all the illness. There is little exclusion like hip dysplasia, genetic disorder and so on.
  • Waiting period – Once when you enroll your pet for insurance, we cannot get the policy. There is particular time period we need to wait.

Apart from these points there are few other points to consider with the cat insurance policy. Have a detailed look over this topic before attaining.