What are eye bolts? The eye bolt is a special purpose bolt shaped quite similar to a lollipop, which has a circular or oval loop at one end and has threads at the other.  These are normally made in a single piece, and not used for picking up or hauling very heavy weights. Some eye bolts are made for use on the wood where the threaded portion has a pointed tip, while most are made for use on metal and other surfaces. Those eye bolts which are used in industry are normally made from steel. In some cases where the bolt is used for angular loads, a metal strip is provided between the loop and the threaded portion. Depending on the end-user, some HDG Eye Bolts & Shoulder Pattern Eye Bolts are either welded for high loads or bent in a circular shape for lightweight loads.

Shoulder Pattern Eye Bolts

Their use:

An eye bolt is normally used to fasten one object to another like a chain, wire or cable.  Perhaps the most common use of a typical eye bolt is a photo frame which is hanging on a wall. Some of the hooks on a ceiling in homes also are eye bolts, welded to the steel. Other commonplace usages are for hanging flower pots from the ceiling or other decorative items. In some cases where an object has to be either supported or stabilized, the eye bolt may be installed on the floor. Eye bolts are also designed and manufactured for industrial uses like for equipment which lifts and handles heavy machinery in factories, ports, etc. For industrial use, the eye bolts are sometimes fixed to a structure or are used by inserting a wire rope through the eye or the loop.

The technical parameters:

The HDG Eye Bolts & Shoulder Pattern Eye Bolts are manufactured depending upon the end-user, in different dimensions. The specifications have a unique identification number, for different lengths, threads and diameter.  Those eye bolts which are used indoors are made of normal steel, whereas those which are used outdoors and exposed to the vagaries of nature are normally galvanized, to prevent the effect of chemicals, moisture, rainwater and rusting.  This ensures their long life and durability.