Buying or renting construction equipment has been the hottest debate topic of construction companies for many years. As construction field continues to grow, renting won over buying. And there are several reasons why most of the construction companies choose to rent instead of buying new equipment.

As for other companies, renting is more cheaply compared to buying. Besides, when you rent, you don’t need to think about the maintenance fees. And because of that, you can have many types of equipment as you want and you are free to take more construction projects.

Renting can also avoid storage fees, transportation fees, insurance, which can result from saving a lot of money. And once you realized that renting is the best option for your construction project, below are the few tips you need to consider to help you choose the right equipment rental company.

  1. Customer Service

Before jumping on signing the papers, you must do some research. You can search through word of mouth and by reading some online reviews. You need to find a reliable rental company which other people already had a good experience with them.

A rental company should have employees with a better understanding of the different types of equipment and be able to answer all of the queries regarding the construction. It’s also important to know their customer service line schedule, much better if the line is open 24/7.

renting construction equipment

  1. Regular Maintenance

Always ask about the maintenance schedule. A reliable rental company should have a regular maintenance schedule for the equipment. One of the greatest benefits of renting is that you have an option to choose the quality of the equipment without having to purchase the equipment. You can request to the rental company that you need to use a new or better heavy equipment material to meet the needs of your construction projects.

  1. Return Policy

This is the most important, a good rental company should have a return policy system. If the company has one, you need to read their policy before signing a contract.

Ask important questions such as:

  • Type of deposit required
  • Equipment protection plan (in case of accidents)
  • Weekday versus weekends prices
  • Time of returning the equipment and additional charges

The Bottom Line

Renting is the best option for acquiring heavy and industrial construction equipment. This won’t cost you a large amount of money compared to buying a new one. Just remember, always read reviews, ask their maintenance schedule, know their billings, return policies, other rental charges, and make sure they are close to the construction site.

And when you’re ready with the renting, you may visit Strongbox for more information about heavy equipment rentals.