Since the dawn of humanity, there was already deception in between or in the middle of the communication which forever changed the course of history and put a boundary in the society. Humans have sought to sort deceptions from honesty and this necessity has become worse when the society made the legal system.

In the court of law and in the law enforcement agencies is already aware that the human’s capacity and potential to determine truthfulness is limited to protect their interest or having the fear that they might get more affected of the situation they are involved in.

However, the technology has found a way to capitalize on this situation by creating a tool to determine if a person uses deception or truthfully showcasing honesty. The polygraph or commonly known as lie detector test became the first tool or machinery that became the first truth verification invention so that we can use the technology it possesses to determine deception but a lot of people are questioning how does this work?

physiological aspects

The polygraph test reads and analyzes the charted blood pressure, pulses and respiration of the person that is being interrogated or questioned. It also has several features that determine a person’s physiological aspects if they are tense or relaxed during the polygraph test by measuring the galvanic skin response. It also measures the response through the sensors attached or strapped around the body’s pulse areas to measure the blood pressure level, heart rate, respiration, and perspiration in the whole duration of questioning.

However, despite the promising nature of the polygraph or lie detector test UK in the world of police and forensic investigation, it has several downsides and vulnerabilities which raised several disputes over the years with regards to its accuracy considering that a lot of people who gained interest in this published several articles about the tips to pass lie detector tests and countermeasures against polygraph tests. It created a huge controversy that put its reputation on the line and unfortunately a lot of experts that reviewed its accuracy claimed that polygraph test is vulnerable to both physical and psychological countermeasures which results to inconclusive, false positives and false negative results.

What you read above has contrasting details about polygraph test that is why I’ve prepared some pros and cons to give you a better perspective about this tool that has created a divisive world in the criminal justice system of many nations. Before you proceed, check out lie detector test UK for more information regarding this matter.


  • Polygraph testimony is allowed in many courts around the world and is used as part of the evidence being gathered by the authorities despite being challenged often times.
  • It is low cost due to the number of polygraph testing companies that offer cheaper services.
  • It is the best-known method of investigation due to its popularity in both the media and film industry.
  • A lot of lawyers and law enforcers in many countries lobbied on behalf of the technology to create a strong foundation for its current existence.


  • Manipulation of control questions and relevant questions by practicing techniques that make the person under interrogation or questioning to relax and focus.
  • Because of its popularity, its reputation is slowly diminishing.
  • Countermeasures continue to improve.
  • Low accuracy rate.
  • Lengthy examinations that require the examinee to stay still for hours.