Financial freedom is the goal of most people who are in their early 20s. There’s no problem with that. However, smart investment isn’t for everybody. Unless a person is focused, willing to embrace risks and challenges and stay open-minded to a lot of tricks and techniques, winning won’t happen so easily.

But for Alexis Assadi, it’s a different story. Despite having no capital or a rough idea about investing, he thrives because of his passion and interest to learn. At 26, he reached financial stability and is now an investor, entrepreneur and even writer.

A lot of people might not believe this, but he still presents some sound advice and tips for his readers to feed them with information which can help them on their journey to financial freedom.

Here are few things which we might get to know about him.

Be a risk taker

Assadi believed that even at 20, you need to learn how to embrace risks and seize every opportunity. With few responsibilities, you’ll have more time to recover from a loss. He added that by pursuing your passion and doing the things you’ll love, sooner or later probably when you get old, you’ll thank yourself.

multiple businesses

In his 20, he was the kind of person who invested in big things. He set aside his embarrassment and fears and took the plunge. Along the way, he keeps on putting up multiple businesses wherein some failed. But he still continued on his journey until he reached financial independence.

Find jobs that’ll pay great experience

Even at a young age, you need to build a network and gain experience. That’s what Assadi did which helped him achieve his goals. While money is so important, creating personal connection has better and positive results in the future, he added.

Align your career goals and your life. That way you’ll enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll also be meeting some people who will mentor and help you understand the tricks of the trade. This is why it helps to search for a company that appreciates your skills and gives you endless opportunities to thrive.

Have passive incomes

Entrepreneurship might sound nice. But at some point, you will have to become an investor. Making money doesn’t only revolve around businesses. You also need to gear your mindset in developing a passive income which can pay recurring profits in the future.

Assadi believed that passive income is the foundation of achieving financial independence. When you can reach your goals, you will have more control of the things you want to do.