Logan Sekulow went to film school at the age of 14. He was the youngest in the film school (Full Sail University) history. He was very determined to pursue the filmmaking industry. He has the dream of telling stories even before he was still young. He became part of the ‘Laugh-O-Gram Studios’ and released a film about the well-known Walt Disney. He entitled the movie “As Dreamers Do: the Amazing Life Of Walt Disney”.

The movie is a passion project for him. Walt Disney has been a lifelong inspiration for him. He wanted to share the untold adventure in a unique, creative and entertaining way. He has created the film ‘As Dreamers Do’ with a love and respect for the legacy of Walt Disney. The independent film is about the early life of Walt Disney.

The vision of the Movie

Sekulow has been a Disney fan as he could remember. He started homeschooling in the 5th grade and he remembers picking out books about Walt Disney. He reads the biography and carries the stories since he was young. He has always wanted to make up a movie. until he became part of the studio and released the movie of who the man is behind that logo he grew up with. He produces the movie with the help of his friend at Nickelodeon. He and his crew had gotten something adventurous. The movie feels like an old 50s/60s Disney live-action flick until when Walt is grown to take on its own tone.

vision of the Movie

The movie portrayed the untold and unknown life story, work, and legacy of Walt Disney. It has a story of American dreams and dealing with the failures of those dreams. It tells what became of Walt, and what got him there. Everyone can somehow relate in the movie for it encourages people not to give up on their dreams. Regardless of the pain, blood, sweat, and tears, continue on your goals. Walt Disney became of who he was because of enduring all the hardship life has thrown him. He doesn’t give up even on the days he failed over and over again. He was very determined in his ideas and pursued it in his own ways.

The movie tells the details of Walt’s life. Sekulow examines the modest beginnings, the adversities, and the people who influenced him.  Logan Sekulow has succeeded in urging people to learn even more. The movie may not have had the big Hollywood budget, but it had heart for a history.  The story has the very detailed narrative of Walt’s journey.

In short, As Dreamers Do resonates the story of a young man’s upbringing. It is a tribute to Walt Disney’s early life struggles and his unending perseverance.