Every single day, the hands play an important role in your daily routine. When you notice your hands, there are lines and shapes that hold a story. The palm in your hands holds so much knowledge about your unique personality and life. Some people use your hands to foresee the future. This art of reading palms has been around for quite some time. You need to learn palmistry to understand its benefits and the art of knowing the future. This way, you can get to enjoy this old-fashioned but fun art. Having a little guide to reading palms is essential so that you can learn everything. By deciphering individual lines, you will know from what the shape of your palm and fingers mean to.

Reading The Hands

Most of the experts will read both palms. According to them, there are four major hand types: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Your left-hand shows your potentials and the right hand signifies what you have done with that. You need to learn these factors to have a better understanding of your palm readings.

palm and fingers

  1. The Earth hands have shorter fingers that are equal in height to the palm and square in shape. They usually have those rough or thick skin, deep, clear, and straight lines. These are down to earth people and favor getting things done. They have the strong vitality and can be quiet, but not that shy. Earth Handed people often have a strong connection to nature and the outdoors. These people look for mental rapport above all else and straightforward as lovers.
  1. The Air Hands have a square or rectangle palm with long fingers and thin, clear lines. They have a low thumb and often a sociable people. These people are often intelligent, have a lot of thoughts, and in need of change and stimulation. They can sometimes drive themselves crazy with their thoughts. They look for mental rapport above all else as lovers.
  2. The Water hands have long palms, long fingers and are short or oval in shape, with very flexible fingers. The palm is wider that signifies creativity and emotional person. These people like peace but can be somehow influenced by their surroundings. They are sensitive, vulnerable, a little naive, and focused on caring as lovers.
  3. The Fire hands have long palms, short fingers, and can be square or rectangle. They have the length of the palm which is longer than the actual fingers. People with fire hands are generally risk-takers and action-oriented people. They can be passionate, positive and confident, willing to take the lead as lovers.

A true practitioner will never use fortune telling as a way of making money. In talecup, they will help you develop spirituality and to see the world under a different light. You need to develop some kind of wisdom and deep insight that is impossible to gain for a greedy fortune teller. Yet, always remember that whichever way you choose, these are all predictions. No one should tell you how you live your life.