Also commonly known as flat discs, flat washers are commonly used as shock absorbers between metal parts, as well as shims to reduce friction and cushioning, as well as to ensure even distribution of loads. You will find washers that are used to reduce vibration and movement, which is normal between two moving parts that are heavy. They are also useful for providing a smooth and flat surface so that one part fits well with another or moves smoothly around another part.

Widely used as bridges for holes

Flat washers were widely used as bridges for holes, especially in cases where the hole was much larger than the bolts or bolts that should be placed in it. Therefore, they have become very important in various types of applications, especially for commercial purposes. They are supplied in different materials, and the choice you make will depend on the application and the needs of the washing machine you use for the application. You will find them in leather, wood, fabrics and metals such as iron, copper, steel and bronze, among many other options. There are also flat washers made of plastic, paper and rubber. A large variety allows you to find a suitable washing machine for any type of application.

Custom Flat Washers


One of the advantages that come with Standard and Custom Flat Washers is that they help prevent corrosion, especially between the two metals for which they were used. Most metal washers will be preheated to make them resistant to high temperatures. Other materials you find include fiberglass, cotton-reinforced plastics and nylon filled with glass. Nylon and plastic flat washers are the most popular, especially between the electronics and electrical industries. This is due to the fact that in the configuration the consistent quality they have is very useful.

Plastic and nylon washers do not conduct heat

This makes them excellent insulation options even between metal parts. These materials are also difficult to ignite, especially in the case of plastics, which makes them ideal for the electrical industry. Threaded parts used in conjunction with a washing machine provide a secure fit and provide excellent traction to ensure that nothing moves. They will also provide resistance to corrosion, moisture and rust, among other elements.

Flat washers have standardized dimensions worldwide in terms of their diameter and thickness, as well as the size of the hole. However, you can easily customize the drives to meet the needs of the application that you can have.