Instagram is the ultimate photo-sharing platform and it is hard to find anyone who is not already using it. Studies show that youngsters are the most active on Instagram, interested in sharing every bit of their lives in photos.

So why are so many people on Instagram and why don’t they stop. That’s because Instagram is actually addictive. So much that people go as far as using services like Instaport to hack accounts!!!

There are nearly 200 million people using Instagram and the count is just rising. Now that looks like some statistics to behold. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for Instagram being so addictive.

Photo-sharing- Photo-sharing is a kind of self-gratifying act. It tends to give people’s ego some sort of satisfaction to share their photos and be seen.

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Rewarding- Sharing photos is rewarding in the sense that users keep checking their likes and shares. Even if there is no monetary gain, just the excitement of being viewed is enough adrenaline for many.

Continuous- Instagram links images to images and accounts to accounts. So once you start looking through, you keep going on and on, seeing various related images and pictures.

Celebrity craze- since there are so many celebrities on Instagram, youngsters tend to follow them and keep checking for their new updates and photos. It becomes a habit.

Edit app- The Instagram app has an option for editing pictures. So now, most people take pictures using Instagram instead of the camera to edit the photo and enhance it.

Social network- Since Instagram is a social network, it keeps the users addicted as they share pictures and moments from their life and receive comments and shares. Many of Instagram contacts are family and friends.

Instagram is a craze for the photo-savvy. With the advent of smartphones, it has gained more popularity. There those who want to use Instagram and those who want to hack. Instaport is an excellent place to hack an Instagram account.