When it comes to the interior designing of a room, lighting plays a crucial element in creating ambiance. In strategically installing lights, it can create an inviting and well-designed atmosphere. Not only that, it enables you and your visitors to genuinely appreciate the pieces of furniture and overall setup of the room.

Besides figuratively lighting up your space, it likewise offer rooms a life of its own. Have you noticed that dull lighting produces a subtle and relaxed atmosphere in a room, while bright lights generate a vibrant and warm feeling?

It is vital then that you opt for lights that fully complement your taste and surroundings. In doing this, it will completely invigorate your room features spanning from furniture to flooring. To learn more about premium commercial lighting, you can visit Modern.Place.

Importance of downlights

Incidentally, using lighting fixtures such as the trendy downlights help to enhance your lighting plan. Let’s look at how downlights can create a perfect ambiance in a room.

Importance of downlights

Downlights are types of lighting that are installed in hidden areas or mainly within the ceiling. These kinds of lights adequately enhance light quality wherever it is placed. Typically, downlights are encased into the ceiling and steer lights down to a narrow beam.

What the image it projects is that the lights are directly flowing from the ceiling rather than a conventional lighting fixture. Ordinarily, these lights are round however, the market now offers a variety of its kind.

Choosing the right downlight to use

While downlights are a little expensive than the regular lighting fixtures, installing these lights has its advantages. If you are angling for a more modern and energy-efficient lighting, then these types of fixtures are an ideal choice.

Moreover, you can place it in any room since it is installed within the ceiling. As a result, these lights do not take up space plus it even makes the room appear bigger. Listed below are several types of downlights:

  • Fixed

The name says it, this is the kind of light that is fixed and oriented downward. The light that will be projected depends on the angle of the beam inside the globe. Fixed downlights are suitable for general purpose lighting that calls for illuminating space evenly.

  • Gimble

Gimble downlights are the type of lights that you can steer in different directions. It has a frame that you can shift to the direction you want to concentrate the light. Though others regard it as a luxury, Gimble light is convenient for curved ceilings or if an area is not covered by a downlight.

  • Surface Mounted

If drilling holes in your ceiling is out of the question, then surface mounted downlight is your solution. This type of light also serves as a lighting feature since it is usually installed just below the ceiling height. What’s more surface mounted downlights helps reduce heating costs since, without holes in the ceiling, it is possible to maintain room temperature. You can know more about custom lighting by consulting Modern.Place.

Factors to consider before installing downlights

Before installing downlights, consider first these several factors. First, evaluate the size of the place you need to illuminate so that you’ll know how many downlights you’ll need. Second, since downlights project lights downward, for high ceilings there is no need for more lights but instead, add more wattage for every light.

Lastly, in using downlights be careful in creating shadows. Remember to spread the lights across the room evenly. It is also advised to install downlights 2 feet away from the wall. You can also opt to use lights with dimming features to create mood inside the room.