Method of Applying for the Chinese universities

If you would like to review or add China, you would like to pass the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) accreditation exam. The HSK maybe a certification of language proficiency that’s the Chinese equivalent of the TOEFL. The HSK certificate may be accepted without limitation within China for college kids applying to Chinese colleges and universities also as getting used as a reference standard for those that are being recruited for job positions in China and other countries where proficiency in chinese learning is a necessity.

While application online is now permitted, the test itself must be taken face to face at a licensed testing site; at the present over 120 countries worldwide have participated as regular host sites for HSK testing. Taking Chinese lessons online is often an excellent advantage in helping you meet the hsk test requirements.

Chinese Learning

Categories of the HSK test

The hsk test is split into three categories. The Basic test is for those that have an elementary grasp of the Chinese language, with a working vocabulary of 400 to 3,000 common Chinese characters and who have had 100 to 800 hours of formal education within the language.

The test has three grading levels: those ranked Level 1 can handle basic communication in chinese learning with the power to precise simple ideas and understand simple spoken sentences; Level 2-ranked students can undertake a particular level of social interaction and study; Level 3 students have the minimum level of proficiency to permit them to be admitted to a university as an undergraduate student.