Bitcoin mixers are used to mix bitcoins. It is an important source for the users who use Darknet markets. New tools are being built and brought into the market in order to increase the popularity. Private firms and government organizations use the black chain to track the bitcoin users. Use of bitcoin mixer may be found to be a waste of time as the users may not be familiar with it, but moving forward everyone will find it easy to track the bitcoin transactions.

Process Of Using Bitcoin Tumbling:  Bitcoin tumbling is simple and easy to understand and users who are not familiar with the process can learn it easily by going through the procedure. The first and foremost thing the user has to do is to create the bitcoin wallet. Secondly, they have to buy some bitcoins and transfer them to the wallet. Now it is essential to create another wallet for the purpose of Tor account. The users having bitcoins in the first wallet can send them to the wallet created from Tor account. The users, in turn, have to create bitcoin wallet #3 for the Tor network.

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The users have to choose the bitcoin mixer service and should set up the transactions in the wallet#3 using the addresses for wallet #3. It is always better to use many addresses. Later the users by using the Tor browser, have to send the coins from the wallet# 2 to the addresses generated by the user by using bitcoin mixer. The users have to disable the JavaScript while signing in to create the deposit address with an assumption of coins to be sent to the darknet market. It is always important not to use any markets, which seeks for JavaScript. Black chain and Tor hidden service can be used for tracking the coins arriving from the mixer.

The only demerit of the method is that the mixing company will have the record of your transaction and they promise to delete the information once the transaction is complete. There is a possibility that the mixing company may track the information of coins sent and in order to avoid such risks the users can repeat the method through a second mixing service. The users must be very careful while choosing the bitcoin mixer and the third party service in order to avoid any sort of fraudulent activities.