In recent studies it was found out that some parts of Google’s algorithm in its search rankings always counted or consider the number of visitors that stay in a certain website while visiting it that is why online videos are very popular to keep online users from coming back for more live streaming videos no wonder this industry is growing rapidly over the years.

One of the most watched videos on the internet aside from movies, music videos, and other genres are the explainer videos which have its own distinct topic and discussion regarding different matters.

A best explainer video company  has found its place in this booming type of advertising and commercialism because companies that want to promote a product, a service or a brand can freely post an explainer video on its website or through video streaming sites like YouTube to reach its target audience and increase its popularity among consumers.

business explainer video plays an important role in making a business successful by increasing the conversion rates, clarifies the main intent and function of the product which makes it an excellent marketing tool for a business.

In this article, we will show you the reasons why explainer videos for business is an added advantage that will help you succeed.


explainer videos for business

Business explainer videos are the ones that we see on a brand’s website, in a television commercial or even in a live streaming video on the internet. This is regularly aired or often replayed continuously to keep track of the product or service and draw potential customers who are interested in buying it.


Explainer videos, well, obviously explains to the audience and to the target market of a certain product, or brand about the use and basic function of it in a simpler way that it explains and discusses the tricky parts of it and interpret those complex details of it making it clearer for the audience to understand it. With explainer videos, people gain a better knowledge of the product or service offered by a certain brand and this is also to explain the business’ offering to its customers and convince the target audience on why they should choose your business over your competitors.


Because of explainer videos, it enables the audience to connect and understand the promoted product or service which generates and increase of the interest. This means that the audience will sooner or later patronize your service or product with enthusiasm and choose your brand over the others. Explainer videos come in two different forms, in images, and in videos which creates different forms of advertisement to create different connections to different audiences.


In terms of Search Engine Optimization, an explainer video is an effective tool to enhance your business’ website compared to websites that only have block texts and images. Explainer videos get the customers attention instantly compared to taking them to a webpage where they have to read endless paragraphs of texts telling the product’s function and details which is very boring and time-consuming in the long run.