Conversational AI represents a whole new category of engagement for brands. This engagement makes consumers feel closer to a brand. It provides more insights for the brand and improves the outcomes of sales. There are several versions of conversational AI a company can put in place.


Chatbots are a great way to automate customer support. Although welcomed, it took an unexpected direction. It is not easy to automate contact centers. Chatbots are usually in websites, display advertising, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and other channels. They respond to more than support questions. The experience helps people to discover products they like and want to buy. Most people want to have a conversation and think things through before buying. A chatbot is an expert assistant that can help people with that.

Voice assistants

Although like chatbots, people have to speak aloud to communicate with voice assistants. The market evolved towards a variety of functions that are not transactional. These include making phone calls, answering questions, and setting alarms or reminders. Voice assistants can also play music and provide the weather. They can also help control home automation systems. The most common voice assistants are Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, and Google Home.

class conversational AI platform

Mobile assistants

Examples of mobile assistants are Siri and Google Now. Mobile assistants are usually helpful when your hands are full. Brands are experimenting with many things, such as mobile voice ordering. There are people who avoid interactions that need them to talk out loud though. This limits the degree to which customers engage and re-engage with a brand.

Interactive voice recognition systems

This is the classic conversational AI. It is the original systems brands used to leverage for creating service automation. It reduces total customer service costs. Consumers were not big fans of these systems in the 1990s but companies continued to use them. The cost savings they offered were not easy to ignore. Today, developers use these systems in a different way. Either in part, whole, or on balance with other customer service automation techniques.

There are several factors to help you understand the technology better. These include:

  • understanding the existing business;
  • setting a goal to improve on;
  • channels to do it on;
  • scoping a brand voice; and
  • finding the right expertise to put the technology in place.

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