A night vision device allows you to see during night when it is dark. It is designed in such a way that it can be viewed through one eye. The device contains an infrared illuminator and a single piece that allows you to view through one eye during night. Due to the compact design and versatility a night vision monocular is preferred over other night vision devices.

The performance capabilities of this device are as good as high end binoculars, that are more expensive and more weight. Best night vision monocular has an added advantage as it enables your eyes to shift quickly between the natural vision during night and vision from the monocular device. Whereas in the case of binoculars it is atough job to shift between natural and vision during night.The products are categorized according to the technology based on generation and the night vision devices which are in common use are Gen2, Gen 3,Gen 1 and digital Gen.

night vision devices

Choosing night vision devices:

Before purchasing a night vision device certain things should be kept in mind so that you can make a right decision. Firstly you have to decide what the need of this device is and when and where the device is used.  If the choice is for hunting purpose then you have to choose higher magnificent and field of view which will be greater.People who are wildlife observer and stargazer small magnificent and normal field of view will do good. Before choosing a night vision device an important point need to be considered is advanced technology you desire to choose. Gen 1 will not provide images with good clarity and if military personnel are opting for the device then they can choose Gen 2 and above.  The higher the technology is advancing you will be able to get the image with good quality and clarity.

In case of magnificent you have to take into consideration certain things, to get stable and precise view high magnificent power will not be a good idea. Magnificent above 10x will become extremely difficult. Make sure you check the environmental ratings when night vision devices are taken out doors and the devices should be water proof and fog proof. Operating temperatures should be kept in mind for the usage of your device in extreme temperature then you should make a note. The device which is compact and light weight is advisable as such devices will find it easy to carry while traveling.

While taking security into consideration importance should be given to shock resistant device so that it can be used in abnormal conditions. Choose the devices with battery that long lasts when traveling for longer time the device having battery that lasts for longer duration will be helpful.