In today`s world, because of the hectic schedule and work people forget  about their bodies   and the fitness. As much as we work or are busy in our life there is a must must need to do some fitness exercises. If our work is important at the same place work out and some fitness exercise are also very important.

But we also know that we don’t have time to go out and take 1 to 2 hours for gyming or anything else. So it`s better  to buy  all the gym and exercise equipments at home itself, so hat you don`t even need to go out and waste your time. Buy your desired equipment at

Here are the top 10 commonly used gym equipments-:

  1. Treadmill

It is one of the widely popular  gym equipment. This equipment offers a great warm up exercise before you indulge yourself in a hardcore, and more muscle and bone-stressing exercise machine or any other.

  1. Ellipticals

Considered as one of the best gym equipment because of its low-impact features.

  1. Stationary Bikes

This is a good alternative and choice for outdoor biking. Burning your calories and getting an overall workout, you can have it all when you use this gym equipment.

used gym equipments

  1. Aerobic steppers

It is considered as simple yet effective gym equipment that enables you to perform various exercises such as step ups, lateral jumps, and jumping drills.

  1. Cable Pulley Machines

A cable pulley machine is one of the gym equipments that uses weights system. The weight stacks are lifted by pulleys and you can utilize one side or both together at the same time.

  1. Weight machines

This particular gym equipment is highly favourable for those hardcore athletes and body-builders. This is a great choice and in demand for people who want to develop their arm muscles.

  1. Free weights

This gym equipment enables you to do full range of motion exercise while utilizing your upper muscles.

  1. Abdominal Crunchers

If your main target is to tone your abdominal muscles, the best gym equipment that you can find in gyms is the abdominal cruncher.

  1. Rowing Machines

This gym equipment enhances your flexibility and versatility and increases your stamina. Since it utilizes both the upper (when you glide and pull the machine) and lower (the rower itself) muscles, this commercial gym equipment delivers almost an overall body workout.

  1. Exercise Balls

Commercial gyms will be empty and useless without this amazing equipment. The exercise ball is a versatile and stunning gym tool that would certainly help you target your abdominal muscles.