The Boiling Kettle gets an Upgrade

Electric Kattle

Electric KattleAs a 90’s person, I have the experience of listening to a whistle whenever my mom boils water for morning coffee or tea in the mornings before school. Now, the younger generation will almost never hear that whistle again, thanks to new and more advanced kettles incorporating today’s technology. Who would have thought that this simple, taken-for-granted kitchen appliance can get so much better? Technology really trickles down to the very basics of everything. Electric kettles are not new, in fact, the very first one was invented in 1891. However modern conveniences such as led lighting, slow open lids and separate heating and wireless we can only enjoy recently. You see before, electric kettles of old will just continue boiling when left unattended with virtually no automatic features. Today’s kettles can even maintain a preset temperature and can even be controlled with apps via wifi connectivity. NOW that’s 21st-century technology for you!

Today’s kettles feature borosilicate glass, with it you can easily see what is going on inside, and furthermore, glass is the safest because it doesn’t react with minerals in the water. No calcification will occur as special filters help address this. Another neat feature is that the lids ever so slightly and slowly open to prevent a blast of steam from scalding anyone. Electric KattleYet some have detachable bases, completely separate from the carafe itself for truly wireless operation. As soon as you detach the canister from the base, it becomes a very ordinary glass pitcher! Another feature is having led lighting that changes color as the water heats up. This lighting is not your run of the mill led indicator on some switch but rather lights up the insides of the pot, making whatever you are boiling glow. Now that is seriously the coolest!

With the internet quickly being flooded with numerous products, the best glass electric kettle wars is on. Each wants to feature characteristics that no other kettle has. By far the most outlandish and tech-savvy kettle anyone has heard of would be a kettle with wifi,3g, and 4g connectivity and can be controlled by Alexa and Siri via voice commands. You can even control it remotely via an app and seriously that just rocks. This also has the same sweet features most good quality electric or should I say, electronic kettles have. There are preset settings for Tea, coffee and other beverages for you to enjoy. Most of these kettles can be had online, in the biggest worldwide shopping mall ever, the internet.