Start Using Number Combination Locks At Your Workplace

All workplaces have personalized lockers these days. It is important to keep these lockers safe and yet easy to access as you will be using them regularly. Do you need good quality locks for regular use? Using number combination locks, you can ensure safety. There is no concern about the key getting lost or mishandled. When using a simple lock, numerous instances can lead to unsafe use of the lock. All these instances are avoided when one uses a lock with a number combination. You can use these locks in school, gym, or office.


  • 48mm wide, double-reinforced stainless steel body
  • 19mm tall and hardened steel shackle
  • Easy 3 number dial with automatic scrambling feature
  • Anti-shim technology
  • Equipped with block guard
  • Prefixed number combination codes
  • Master key for emergency opening
  • Control Chart

Benefits of using a Number combination lock:

You can use number combination locks anywhere with ease. It is suitable for a lot of uses. You can use it on metal, ABS and PVC plastic, or timber lockers. There are also a variety of combination locks available. But you can choose the one that suits your use and needs. But the constant benefits in all of these types are easy to use, functionality, and security.

All number locks are compatible with a lot of surfaces, and that gives them high functionality. They are easy to use as you don’t have to carry a key everywhere, remembering the 3 digit number is not difficult. With the highly secure system, you can rely on number combination locks to keep your space safe.