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portable barber chairs

Review of portable barber chairs you must have

A long time ago when you started your barbershop business, people come to your place one by one, and most of the chairs feel empty. Then the time fly and your business have grown to become a well-known service in town. At this point, your place sometimes more than full, even customer has to queue in the waiting list. Some of them feel bored and leave your shop. As the business demand is fluctuated by the time, you should prepare the peak and low demand. Therefore, to prepare the peak season, it is excellent to have a portable chair. You can check many types of this chair on furnish&style, that could provide you more reference.

portable chair

  1. Simple folding type, Minerva

This is a favorite option since it has a reclining and folding function to be adjusted with your space condition. Furthermore, overall construction might hold body weight up to 350 pounds which become the most onerous duty in its portable class. With one year warranty, you don’t have to worry about the damage that could occur during shipping period.

  1. Multiple folding types, Giantex

In another case, when you are called to serve a premium customer in their home, off course you want to perform an excellent service. This type of chair available in furnish&style to suit that need, because it has more features to be adjusted to get a maximum comfort. It consists of three foldable parts which enable you to adjust with your customer body posture. The next feature is the overall padding texture that made from a high-quality material and heavyduty steel frame to offer a comfort to support your customer body weight. Although your customer has a big posture, this would not be a problem. And then, the last feature is about reclining function which enables to adjust the position of the armrest following your reclining degree position.

  1. Removable folding type

In the case when you have a business to serve your customer in their house or might have a barber private class, this is an attractive option. Head pillow and the armrest can be easily disassembled and put into the carrying case. The maximum ability to be carried anywhere makes it become number one in for your mobile option. On top of that, the chair itself made from a genuine leather and steel frame for a plush seat.