A Buyer’s Checklist for Picking the Right Car at Bulgaria

Picking the Right Car at Bulgaria

When you are buying a brand new car, it is safe to say that there will be no immediate issues. This is the reason why many haphazardly check the interior and exterior of a brand new car. These people will buy right away because they are confident they have legal protection. However, if you choose used cars, you need to be wary of things so you will not be fooled.

The εισαγωγη αυτοκινητου should be considered when you are buying a used car. Buying a used car in good condition is like a treasure hunt. This means you need patience and knowledge to find the right spot and treasure. To find the right car, you need a checklist. Here’s a checklist for picking the right car at Bulgaria:


There are different documents asked by a seller and buyer. The seller usually needs to show more documents than the buyer. The buyer will only need to show the proof of identity and the payment of course. However, the seller needs to secure the vehicle registration document as well as the roadworthiness certificate and stamp. The seller also needs to prove that the annual vehicle tax is paid through a receipt. More importantly, the seller should show that he has a third-party insurance.

buying a brand new car


In Bulgaria, there are car sellers who tamper the mileage to fool the buyers. As a buyer, it is important that you check the mileage, age and the appearance of the car. Does it look consistent with whatever the seller claims? Look for any signs of tampering like worn screws. But if the odometer is digital, tampering won’t show any physical signs because it is usually done electronically.

Signs of damage

Cars show where they have been. If you see inconsistent gaps between panels or mismatched colors, it indicates a sign of repairs. Check the paint finish. It should be across the car. If you see any traces of paint spray on the handles and plastic moldings, it can be a sign of damage just concealed by the seller.


Check the wheels, tools, seatbelts, lights, wipers, and airbags. The wheels should be in good condition based on the specification and dimension. If it is less than 3 mm of tread, you need to replace it soon. Tools like tire inflator and jack should be in serviceable condition. The seatbelts should operate correctly; check if there are cuts that could diminish its function. For the airbags, make sure that it is fitted.

Test drive

When you test drive, you have to check the engine and the general controls. Focus your attention on warning lights, brakes, and unusual noises. Also, check the steering vibration. You have to be particular with the abnormal noises because it can be a sign of damage. Do not turn on the radio when test driving so you can hear everything. Check the locks and windows as well.

If you are not confident about checking the car on your own and you want the second opinion, you should look for a mechanic who can give you valuable insights about the εισαγωγη αυτοκινητου.