Know More about Dairy Farm and Its Products

Dairy Farm and Its Products

In the olden times the cattle’s and other farm animals are only used for their flesh, skin, hair and other body parts are used by the ancient people. But, day to day it changed as they used them to get milk and by using the milk they find how to produce all other products these products are called as dairy farm products. After that people made use of these produces as their primary food and some even made trade using these products. As a result of all of these, now man has created many different equipments and machineries from which the dairy products can be easily produced.

dairy products

Uses of These Products

As milk is palatable it is very easily digestible and it is highly nutritious, so it is considered to be one of the important human foods. It contains fat, milk sugar, minerals and liberal sources of many vitamins so it is very good for you health and so it is a very perfect food. In this whole world milk and its products are the only source of animal protein which is a vegetarian diet hence it is Nutritious. Advisory Committee of ICMR recommended 283 gm. of milk/ day/per capita to balance the diet for the supply of essential amino acids. Sources of draft power for various agricultural operations. Some of the excellent draft breeds supply good quality bullocks are the source of draft power which brings savings in energy resources like petroleum products and coal. There are many different varieties in these dairy products such as milk, curd, butter, cheese, cream, etc. and many more. Which are very healthy and at the same time very tasty too? From these products you can make ice creams deserts and many more very easily.