A Look On Serviced Apartments Singapore Monthly



Many times, you have to go on any business trip outside the country or just on a monthly vacation with family. For that temporary stay, you will not buy a house. You will prefer to stay at a service apartment either. Living every month in these apartments is much more comfortable and steadier. The serviced apartments singapore monthly charge according to the service they provide.

They make your stay comfortable by providing and taking care of all the necessities like living, cleaning, and bathroom accessories in one call. They also provide security and give you your private space.

Pros Of Service Apartments

  • Provide space for work, relaxation, sleeping, and cooking.
  • They are 20% cheaper than hotel rooms.
  • Freedom to come and go inside and outside the apartment without any staff interruption.
  • After clearing the formality, you are provided your personal space.
  • You can choose the menu yourself and order the food and snacks whenever you want.
  • They will take care of the room’s cleanliness daily.

Cons Of Serviced Apartments

  • However, you are provided with the space to work or relaxation, but the space is somehow limited.
  • Not only you but many people are living in an apartment, it could be a bit or sometimes a lot noisy.
  • Sometimes there is a restriction not to park your vehicle near the building.
  • You are not free like you used to be in your own house. You must face restrictions.
  • Sometimes you will see a layer of dust on the furniture i.e., cleanliness is sometimes not properly maintained.