Product Liability Insurance Policies for the good


Product liability insurance is specially designed for a product manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to protect customers from any legal fees against compensation personal injuries caused by any faulty products, or any damage to a property by a faulty product. By providing product liability insurance policy to their products, company tries to maintain its reputation in market.  Almost on all branded products a individual company pays attention on an insurance policy over their products.

Product liability insurance protects a company against any claim arising on company because of company’s product, either product made by company or sold by company. For more information you can visit to a site mentioned below

Types of Claims

Product liability claims are based on any one factor from following factors


  • Manufacturing or Product fault, in this circumstances third party claims that the manufactured product is hazardous to their heath or property.
  • Design defects, in this third party claims on a product’s design that the way it is designed is dangerous to their health or property.
  • Warning or instruction fault, in this case third party claims that the instructions or warning which is given about the product is not safe and it results harmful towards them.
  • Recall failure, in this case manufacture found fault but fails to recall product.

The rate charged for product liability depends on the nature of product.

The purpose of product liability insurance policy is to aware consumers in protecting and defending themselves from hazardous products (which will be proved harmful to them).