The difference between funeral homes hong kong&cremation urns hong kong

funeral homes hong kong

The industry of the funeral home has witnessed record revenues over time, especially when we talk about in recent years and it is still projected to exceed. Nevertheless, the proliferation of the cremation in the actual marketplace has not really gone unnoticed and will carry on to present the challenges to the business and will impact the overall industry’s revenue. And the same is the case with funeral homes hong kong.

As the cultural traditions set off less strict, the cremation is very much expected to become a bit more common in the upcoming years. Despite the fact that cremation has historically been neglected by most religions, it still stays there.

The Cremation Urn

cremation urns hong kong

As the name itself suggests, the cremation urns are basically the containers that are supposed to hold the remains of the deceased. The cremation urns hong kong is less expensive to the traditional memorial and the burial. It can well be performed straightaway following the death, pulling off the logistical requirement to preserve or simply transport the body, that is generally a service offered by the funeral home, and eventually decreases the overall revenue that is generated per customer.

It is estimated that the death rate will carry on to increase and the overall demand of this industry is expected to stabilize. A primary market of the funeral homes generally requests the traditional memorials and the burial services, that require more engagement from the staff and hence a higher cost per customer.