The Autumn Is Best Time For Planting

There is a false insight into the planting scenario that autumn is the end of the development season. It is an incredible opposite. Autumn is an ideal time for planting trees, shrubs and other grouped plants. The key is to enable acceptable root development. Planting trees and shrubs in autumn enables root structures to develop before the hot summer returns so plant trees in the fall.

More modest plants will be planted before the start of winter, and shrubs will start to grow in the spring. Likewise, larger plants will have an advantage, as a reliable general guideline is one year for every inch of trunk measurement.

The Autumn Is Best

Autumn formally begins with the pre-winter equinox in late September. The ideal opportunity to start planting trees and shrubs is a month and a half before the main indication of hard ice. September to November is the ideal time for planting trees, as it allows the roots to settle before the soil freezes and winter arrives. However, it is strongly suggested that one do not continue to plant trees beyond the point of no return in the fall, as this can negatively affect the well-being of the plant so plant trees in the fall.

A cooler and more humid climate is the ideal time for planting trees. With an expansion in precipitation and lower temperatures in the fall, less irrigation is needed. As tree branch development ends, trees need less water, as days are colder and more limited and the rate of photosynthesis slows down. Besides, stable air temperatures promote rapid root improvement. The soils remain warm well after the air temperature has cooled, also ensuring root development. During the sprouting of the shoots, trees develop to take root in new areas before the hot climate encourages the development of the top.

The Advantages 

There are some advantages to autumn planting. Trees planted in autumn are best provided to control heat and the dry season in the following season. Another extraordinary motivation for planting the shrubs in the fall is the fact that one can choose the trees and shrubs by the autumn shade that they produce. Try not to plant evergreens with broad leaves in autumn, for example, rhododendrons, azaleas, boxwood and holly. Whenever planted, give them insurance against winter winds and treat them with an enemy desiccant.