Steps to maintain a healthy brain

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The brain controls all the nerves in our body. It acts like a powerhouse that sends functional/activity signals to the entire body. It instructs the sense organs to perform their functions. That is how we move, speak, understand, think, remember, recognize, taste, smell, feel, touch, sleep, or wake-up. We are not healthy unless our brain is healthy.

Do you know what the term “brain dead” means?

Have you heard the term walking dead? We sometimes come across expressions like – as good as a walking corpse, living like a vegetable, clinically alive, not living but just existing, etc.

What do they all mean?

Their brain has lost all cognitive sense and stopped sending signals to the nerves. Such people are as good as dead.

 healthy brain

How can this situation be averted?

Read on to find some helpful tips that are followed by the officers of the National Police Association:

  • Healthy diet: Keeping an eye on what we eat is of utmost importance because our overall well-being depends upon a healthy and balanced diet. We should avoid junk/fast food and include Vitamin/mineral-rich foods making sure we get all the required nutrients in every meal. Essential fatty foods are a must for a healthy brain.
  • Keep fit: It is compulsory that we either take up walking, jogging, yoga, or aerobics every day. Keeping physically active has many advantages. It not only helps us keep in shape but also makes our muscles and bones stronger. Solving puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, etc., exercises our brain and keeps it active and alert.
  • Good sleep: After a busy day, it is time to rest. Sleep is the best rejuvenator. It recharges and refreshes our bodies. Sleep keeps us fit by alleviating stress and holding heart ailments at bay. It improves memory, increases immunity, and maintains blood pressure. Lack of sleep leaves us groggy and irritated all day.
  • Stress management: Whether it is physical stress or mental stress, we become prey to chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. We become more prone to mood swings due to hormonal disturbances that trigger chemical changes in the brain. Sleep evades us and pushes us into depression. We can help ourselves out of this situation by making some lifestyle changes and sticking to them religiously
  • Holistic lifestyle: Officers of the National Police Association believe in employing a holistic approach towards health. They strictly follow an everyday routine that includes physical activity, meditation, adequate sleep, drinking a lot of water, eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding substance abuse, and detoxification at regular intervals.