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Do you love gardening? Do you love to grow different plants based on season? If so, I will tell you the plant, which is perfectly suited for this season. Poinsettia is a plant, which is very popular for the Christmas season, and it adds more beauty. a poinsettia plant is also known as the Christmas plant. It will create a good atmosphere to our home in and out. It blooms red color flower creates a warmth and love in your home.

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This poinsettia plant is not present only during the Christmas season you can have it anytime of the year. Everyone loves to have this plant in their home to enjoy its beauty and nature. If you give proper care everyday, it will bloom everyday and gives more colored fragrance to home. There is no necessity to pour water daily so it will be very easy to maintain. Slight moisturizer is enough to maintain this plant and we have to check the watery trace before pouring water. During spring season, give some fertilizer, other than that you no need to add any fertilizer or manure. This plant should be kept in container with holes for the air. If temperature is very cold outside, it is better to keep inside your home for the better growth.  It blooms tiny flowers and it comes in various colors. Main part of this plant is the stem and we have to cut it often. Have this plant in your home and get beautiful feel.