Tips For Parents On SCARY Movies For Kids Of All Ages

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Did your little child ever request to watch a scary movie? Sometimes parents do not know where these kids get the idea of things that they never taught them, but since most children, these days have access to the internet, it is not impossible for them to learn new things on their own. But when are scary movies appropriate for them? Let’s find out.

Kids and Scary Movies

Before you proceed, you have to remember that scary movies have images, extreme danger, frightening noises, blood and gore that can really be disturbing, especially to the young mind. It can create different disturbances like anxiety, fear, and sleep disruption. Experts suggest that children under 7 years old cannot easily differentiate fantasy and reality. No matter how you tell that that ‘this is not real’ they will still not fully understand it.

Tips For Parents Regarding Scary Movies

If you have been letting them watch scary movies, you will know that they start to become frightened when they are having sleep problems, obsessions with scary images like zombies, or irrational fears. These scary images and sound effects can affect children, especially the most sensitive ones for years.

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Here are some tips for you depending on your kids’ age:

  • Kids Below 7 Years Old. Those who have young kids, especially under 7 years old, remember to choose the media that you show them with care. These young kids will believe whatever they see. For kids this age, nothing more than a startling ‘Boo!’ should be your movie choices. Watch solarmovie for your choices. Some kids over 5 years old may start to have a liking for haunted houses and mysteries but it is best to stick to animation. This can help them realize that this is not real, that what they are seeing is fantasy.
  • Middle School Kids. There are some kids this age that is ready to get scared. Still, be mindful of the blood and gore. General skeletons, aliens, and monsters are okay. Still, stick to movies with a bit of humor to them, or films that have positive endings. If needed, give reassurance. There are other kids this age who can get easily scared.
  • High School Kids. Your high schoolers are ready for more! Teens can easily handle both dramatic and psychological suspense. But those under 16 should still not be allowed to see gory and disturbing horrors, especially the ones that feature kids in danger. Always be mindful of the messages that the movie brings. There are now scary movies that are mixed with graphic violence and sexual situations. This is definitely not a combination that your high school kid should be exploring. Too soon for that!

It is important that you are keen on finding out what type movies are your kids watching – whether it’s appropriate for their age or not. If the entire family is watching scary movies, try practicing a poker face according. According to research, kids can become more scared when you getting scared by something on the television or when watching movies.