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Spotify Plays & Followers

Music streaming industry is one industry that is growing at an alarming pace. With more than 75 million subscribers, today Spotify is considered to be the largest music streaming platforms in the world. Spotify is the best place for growing your follower base, discover relevant and new artists as well as promote your music. Also, streaming is the effective ways to introduce music to the whole world. But, as ‘unsigned’ artist, you might have a few troubles in finding ways for generating Spotify streams. We have outlined some tips that will help to expand your fan base as well as get more streams as the unsigned artist.

Spotify streams

Get Music on Spotify

First step for success is submitting the music to Spotify. But, Spotify does not offer the way to upload any music for free such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube. Best way of getting music on Spotify will be through the record label or distribution service. These services will handle distribution & licensing of the music. They pay you the royalties when any fans stream music on Spotify. Furthermore, lots of digital distributors provide vario8us artist tools, resources and services. They offer everything required to sell, prepare as well as market your music. But, every service is unique, thus you need to a little research before you select. Make sure you visit us at and get more information.

Get Verified as an Artist on Spotify

When your music is accessible on Spotify, it is important to create the verified artist profile. The verified artists have an access to the tools that can manage their profile as well as playlists, viewing various stats, and lots more. Becoming the verified artist will help you to boost your chances and credibility of being noticed by the Spotify playlist curators.