Learning The essential Skills for the Work is Now Much Easier with the Udemy Discount

Learning The essential Skills for the Work

The activities included under work skills focus on learning and improving work skills needed to get to work sustainably and to stay inside or outside the organization. Employees are more aware of what is expected of them in a work situation and develop skills for this. The activities are briefly described. Detailed information about the activity can be found via the link in the left menu.

skills focus on learning

The business card

How do you explain to new employees how, as an employee, you take care of yourself, how you communicate with your colleagues and customers, and what is desired and undesirable behavior on the work floor? The organizations WNK has developed a short course in which new employees learn what is expected of them and how they can become the ‘business card’ of the company. Now with the Udemy discount getting the courses done for developing these skills happens to be the best option now.

Board game Social Skills

Act-it-Out is a board game aimed at practicing social skills in the workplace. The game can be used in any situation where there is a need for a simple but effective method to practice social skills, including at work. It is important to work safely and healthily. To inform employees about how they work healthily and safely, you can use a number of programs, presentations and working methods.

Language buddy

The employee becomes a language companion of one of the (immigrant or illiterate) colleagues. The language buddy helps to practice the Dutch language on the work floor. Thinking together about what it takes to work in new employees who are connected to the department for a long time. The result is an induction program where new colleagues quickly feel at home and there is attention for appointments in the department.

Interview staff members

Employees are introduced to staff members and their work by holding a short interview. The joint preparation and presentation afterwards ensures that the knowledge is extended to other colleagues. Inform employees about aspects of the work and the company that they are not familiar with, but that they do have to deal with.

The vacation and leave quiz

What about the secondary employment conditions? What is possible, and what is not? Inform employees in a playful way about the rules on leave and holidays. In small groups, people get the assignment to think of a company that they would like to be the director of. From this company they will think about what skills and qualities the employees should have at that company. Then they discuss what they need to change or do to respond to this themselves.

Develop employee skills

Attention to the personal development points of the employees. Agreements are made with each employee about the way in which the development is deployed, supervised and recorded. The checklist employee skills can support this. Employees often struggle to act honestly and openly for their own interests in the team or find it difficult to speak to each other. With the Udemy discount you can now send the employees to the skillset training. Then there is training also for victim behavior and a negative atmosphere on the work floor can be the result. By discussing these themes with the entire team, development agreements can be made for the team and in person.