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4 Methods of Creating A Secured Instagram Password

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks today. It offers a fun and creative way to post and share pictures. But just like any other social media channels, it can be prone to being hacked and compromised. For this reason, you need to learn how to create a secure password. This will be your first defense against an Instagram password hacker. If you are unsure of whether or not your password for your Instagram account is secured, you can run it on an online password checker or you can follow the following tips for creating a secured password.

Bruce Schneier Method

In 2008, security expert Bruce Schneier devised a password method which he still recommends today. The method is simple: Take a sentence and turn it into a password. It can be anything personal and memorable for you. Take some words from the sentence, abbreviate and form a unique combination to form a password.

The Electrum Method

Instagram hack

This method of password protection against Instagram password hacker was derived from Bitcoin wallet management. With this approach, you come up with a 12-word seed that will serve as a master password for Bitcoins. The electrum method represents a somewhat new way of thinking about security. Instead of difficult-to-remember string of characters, you will use a lengthy phrase instead. Also known as the pass phrase method, this approach suggests keeping your password as long as possible.

The PAO Method

The Person-Action-Object Method (PAO) was devised by Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists for creating and storing unbreakable passwords. The PAO method involves the following steps:1)  Choose an image of an interesting place; 2) Select a picture of a well-known or familiar person; 3) Think of some random action and a random object. The PAO method is based on the fact that the human brain can remember better with visual, shared cues, and outlandish scenarios. From these scenarios, you can generate a password.

Phonetic Muscle Memory

In phonetic muscle memory, you create 20 new passwords at least 10 characters long and includes numbers and capitals. From the generated passwords, create a phonetic structure. The aim is to find passwords that you can sound out in your head. Type the phonetic passwords on a text file, taking note of the ease and quickness of typing them. These passwords will tend to get stuck in your muscle memory quicker. Save the text file and use it as password keepers.

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Boosting Business through Explainer Videos

Marketing is a critical component of any business and its methods are growing and evolving with time. Traditional marketing methods have been used since decades and include advertisements in newspapers, newsletters, magazines, brochures, and other printed material for distribution, as well as radio and television commercials, on-screen movie theater advertising for broadcast. However, with the invent and penetration of the Internet, new marketing methods have come up and are now taking over the world of marketing. Marketing is adopting innovative ways and new technology to convey the benefits and features of any product to people.

animation company

One extremely engaging marketing method that has become a rave in the recent times is explainer video. Considering the fact that people are immensely busy these days and hardly have time to pay attention to long advertisement videos, marketing people have developed the technique of creating explainer videos for business. Only 45 seconds long, explainer videos capture in a most captivating way the benefits and features of any product or the overview of the service of the company and present it to the viewer. Created as an animation, explainer videos for business have vivid imagery, eye-catching colors and an intriguing storyline. These factors never fail to grab the attention of the viewer and convey to them the important points about a product or company or service.

Many marketing firms are creating explainer videos for business these days, but not all of them are able to deliver on quality. However, one firm is successfully carving a niche for itself in the area of creating explainer videos for business and that is Animation Ants. This firm can easily be reached through its website, https://animationants.com/. It creates unique explainer videos that are fun to watch and also convey the message to the audience. The explainer videos of https://animationants.com/ always bring a smile to the viewers face as they include humor and playfulness. They are created after well-written scripts are approved by the clients and executed using best of animation techniques. The firm creates explainer videos is such a way that they could be easily uploaded on social media portals, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

So, if you are thinking in terms of expanding your business and roping in more dedicated customers, visit https://animationants.com/ and get an explainer video made for your product or service. You will get an excellent and super-entertaining explainer video that people will not fail to notice. You will be able to gain followers and customers by posting this video on various Internet websites as well as by broadcasting it on mass media like television.



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In recent studies it was found out that some parts of Google’s algorithm in its search rankings always counted or consider the number of visitors that stay in a certain website while visiting it that is why online videos are very popular to keep online users from coming back for more live streaming videos no wonder this industry is growing rapidly over the years.

One of the most watched videos on the internet aside from movies, music videos, and other genres are the explainer videos which have its own distinct topic and discussion regarding different matters.

A best explainer video company  has found its place in this booming type of advertising and commercialism because companies that want to promote a product, a service or a brand can freely post an explainer video on its website or through video streaming sites like YouTube to reach its target audience and increase its popularity among consumers.

business explainer video plays an important role in making a business successful by increasing the conversion rates, clarifies the main intent and function of the product which makes it an excellent marketing tool for a business.

In this article, we will show you the reasons why explainer videos for business is an added advantage that will help you succeed.


explainer videos for business

Business explainer videos are the ones that we see on a brand’s website, in a television commercial or even in a live streaming video on the internet. This is regularly aired or often replayed continuously to keep track of the product or service and draw potential customers who are interested in buying it.


Explainer videos, well, obviously explains to the audience and to the target market of a certain product, or brand about the use and basic function of it in a simpler way that it explains and discusses the tricky parts of it and interpret those complex details of it making it clearer for the audience to understand it. With explainer videos, people gain a better knowledge of the product or service offered by a certain brand and this is also to explain the business’ offering to its customers and convince the target audience on why they should choose your business over your competitors.


Because of explainer videos, it enables the audience to connect and understand the promoted product or service which generates and increase of the interest. This means that the audience will sooner or later patronize your service or product with enthusiasm and choose your brand over the others. Explainer videos come in two different forms, in images, and in videos which creates different forms of advertisement to create different connections to different audiences.


In terms of Search Engine Optimization, an explainer video is an effective tool to enhance your business’ website compared to websites that only have block texts and images. Explainer videos get the customers attention instantly compared to taking them to a webpage where they have to read endless paragraphs of texts telling the product’s function and details which is very boring and time-consuming in the long run.

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The Important Things That You Need To Know About Your IP Address

An IP address a unique set of numbers separated by dots that identifies various  devices using the Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate over a network. Basically, IP addresses are these connectors on the strings that help the devices to connect to a network provided that each device that you have (wired or wireless) has an active IP address like your mobile device, your smart tv, your home assistant and so on.

There is a reason why installations are done by professionals. If your private network installation is just as simple plug and play you wouldn’t need to pay installation fees and even need professionals to do it for you. But the fact is it’s more complicated than you think. In case you’re asking “what’s my router IP is?” click the hyperlink to find out.

private network installation

People are living dumb in a digital age:

The world is high tech, it’s much easier now to work thanks to computers and it’s easier to do things thanks to wireless connectivity. But the fact is people are still dumb about their connections like IP address and how it works or something. While it’s optional to learn those stuff and even IT guys had a few units to learn about it, but with all the things that are being offered today, the benefits and the risks, do you still want to turn a blind eye over it? The fact is, everyone can earn a few things even on how IP address and internet works, and once you learn that, it will actually make you realize about the good and the bad on a technical level and more importantly, know more about your options for a better internet usage experience.

Why learning networks should start with IP address:

IP addresses connect everything together, from the undersea internet cable to your ISP provider, to their LDCM and into your home. Knowing the process of the connection with IP address with help you see the bigger picture, know their jargons and the mumbo-jumbo tech languages, it will all make sense to you. It’s better to understand a topic in order to learn and absorb it effectively.

You and your IP address:

Your IP address is like your ID in the world wide web, it’s written all over you. It’s your identity out there, and while a few numbers separated with dots doesn’t look or say that much, but with the proper technical know how there are people that can get some significant information out of it. Surely you watched and heard about a few horror stories about hacking and guess what? Your IP address is one of those ways to make your happy ever after life into a horror flick. So what can people with the right technical know-how do with an IP address?

  • Know your location
  • Hack you
  • Spy on up
  • Track you
  • Control your life

IP addresses are important because these are your identity as a visitor in the world wide web, but with all the threats and security issues these days, it does make you question if your knowledge about the current technology is enough. This is purely optional, you can be the unwilling prey or you can be the cautious type, either one can be you and it’s time to make the choice.

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Polygraph test – A Comprehensive Overview

lie detector testPolygraph Test is helping investigating agencies to know the correct path in their case, it is a known fact that the examiner who is conducting this test should be extremely well experienced, skillful and certified in forensic psychophysiology to deal subjects and note the data analysis. These examiners are rigorously trained and examined to reach this position where there should be unbiased and are honest towards their work. These days even private investigative firms are employing suitable candidates with highly modern technical machines possible. It must be remembered that no one is above law and these firms also should abide by it that they should have relevant permissions to scrutinize people and their personal lives.

Though it is not a fool proof method to accuse a person, it certainly gives some indicators to the mindset of the individual. There are times when an innocent who is under duress may also give similar physiological changes even when telling the truth, so it is upto the examiners to facilitate and try to reach the a conclusion through their own scoring methods that they have devised to evaluate the person’s truthfulness. The computer is not allowed to determine as it will have only fixed parameters and exceptions to the rule may encounter when dealing with human emotions that are not just restricted to body language or symptoms. Here the examiner should be unbiased in provided opinions and remarks of the findings of the test. This will enable for a better insight in seeing the whole case.

Who performs this test?

The polygraph test which is also known as the lie detector test is carried out by trained professionals who can know by the physiological changes in the body that the person is lying or telling the truth. When the person taking the test tells a lie, the body would react by sweating, increase in blood pressure and the conductivity of the skin is taken into consideration. In positive impact, these polygraph tests are implemented in order to showcase the culprits and their crimes at right period of time under the rules of higher authorities and according to corresponding legal issues only.


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Since the dawn of humanity, there was already deception in between or in the middle of the communication which forever changed the course of history and put a boundary in the society. Humans have sought to sort deceptions from honesty and this necessity has become worse when the society made the legal system.

In the court of law and in the law enforcement agencies is already aware that the human’s capacity and potential to determine truthfulness is limited to protect their interest or having the fear that they might get more affected of the situation they are involved in.

However, the technology has found a way to capitalize on this situation by creating a tool to determine if a person uses deception or truthfully showcasing honesty. The polygraph or commonly known as lie detector test became the first tool or machinery that became the first truth verification invention so that we can use the technology it possesses to determine deception but a lot of people are questioning how does this work?

physiological aspects

The polygraph test reads and analyzes the charted blood pressure, pulses and respiration of the person that is being interrogated or questioned. It also has several features that determine a person’s physiological aspects if they are tense or relaxed during the polygraph test by measuring the galvanic skin response. It also measures the response through the sensors attached or strapped around the body’s pulse areas to measure the blood pressure level, heart rate, respiration, and perspiration in the whole duration of questioning.

However, despite the promising nature of the polygraph or lie detector test UK in the world of police and forensic investigation, it has several downsides and vulnerabilities which raised several disputes over the years with regards to its accuracy considering that a lot of people who gained interest in this published several articles about the tips to pass lie detector tests and countermeasures against polygraph tests. It created a huge controversy that put its reputation on the line and unfortunately a lot of experts that reviewed its accuracy claimed that polygraph test is vulnerable to both physical and psychological countermeasures which results to inconclusive, false positives and false negative results.

What you read above has contrasting details about polygraph test that is why I’ve prepared some pros and cons to give you a better perspective about this tool that has created a divisive world in the criminal justice system of many nations. Before you proceed, check out lie detector test UK for more information regarding this matter.


  • Polygraph testimony is allowed in many courts around the world and is used as part of the evidence being gathered by the authorities despite being challenged often times.
  • It is low cost due to the number of polygraph testing companies that offer cheaper services.
  • It is the best-known method of investigation due to its popularity in both the media and film industry.
  • A lot of lawyers and law enforcers in many countries lobbied on behalf of the technology to create a strong foundation for its current existence.


  • Manipulation of control questions and relevant questions by practicing techniques that make the person under interrogation or questioning to relax and focus.
  • Because of its popularity, its reputation is slowly diminishing.
  • Countermeasures continue to improve.
  • Low accuracy rate.
  • Lengthy examinations that require the examinee to stay still for hours.
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Importance of hiding IP address

Now a day’s people are becoming professionals in hacking others’IP addresses within ease of time. So in order to hide your own IP address, many companies namely third party companies are providing other location based IP addresses to the users. So that, no hacker or no site owner will track your search and steal your data easily.  In this way, IP addresses play a vital role in tracking out data of different users very easily by the website owners. This is the reason why, hiding of your IP address plays a key role today.

virtual private network

Let’s know about how to hide ip address with following sources discussed below:

Specific key points:

  • An IP address motive is used for finding out a user and tracing them their activities done on the internet. It is illegal when the user data is misused. But this approach is applicable to normal users those who are beyond the crime in stealing out other’s data.
  • It certainly means that; how to hide ip address is possible through VPN (virtual private network). This network provides connection to other. Thereby, you will get a new IP address from VPN service provider. These VPN service providers provide you different IP addresses to the users those who reach them in order to save the user’s confidential search and information.
  • You can also use web proxy servers. These are known as intermediate proxy servers. These are also used for hiding your personal IP addresses and providing you new IP address. In short a new proxy IP addresses are provided to the users respectively.
  • If you really hide your IP address, your visiting websites cannot be tracked by site owners.
  • There is a program introduced by china namely internet censorship with it strict rules. They use to provide you a new IP address from other geo location in order to hiding your own IP address. But you are required to unblock some websites namely Google, face book and all. Or else these websites might be blocked.
  • Finally you need to protect your identity. Here when you use your internet and gain its access through your own IP address, your entire information can be easily monitored.


Hence with the help of IP address, a person’s data related to location, internet service provider all your security will be out. So suspicious mails, suspicious links are not advised to use and open. They simply hack your personal information through one click from your pc.  The only solution, you need to use other’s IP address and protect your identity. There is a kind of third party companies those who provide IP addresses instead your IP address and your privacy to be kept safe and secured.

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TorGuard VPN review: A VPN service designed for extreme privacy

It’s enticing to trust that VPN provider TorGuard is in cahoots with the internet privacy-leaning Tor Network. However, it is not. If anything, the “Tor” in TorGuard probably stands for “torrenting.”

Fastening the VPN’s raison d’etre toward torrenting might raise eyebrows, as the technology is frequently used to unlawfully download copyrighted media from a peer-to-peer network.

VPN providers usage

TorGuard: software, Security, servers, plus speed

TorGuard claims to have 3,000 servers situated in 51 countries. The firm’s VPN servers support a number of connection protocols counting PPTP, Open VPN, L2TP/IPSec as well as IKEV2. If you favor using an open source VPN customer such as Tunnel blick, you’ve got ample of options to select from. Once linked, your data will be safe by the similar AES-256 encryption that the mainstream of other VPN providers usage. You can purchase other value-added options, for example, a DDOS secure IP address or elevation to a 10Gb/s linking speed

As per TorGuard Review TorGuard claims that their VPN service could even be used to silently bypass the DPI firewalls of states like China wherever VPN use is obstructed by the government.

The firm has a firm no-logging policy, which creates it hard to track TorGuard clienteles down. When you add in the detail that the company’s workplaces are situated on the Caribbean island of Nevis, which takes no portion in Five, Nine, otherwise Fourteen Eyes info sharing, TorGuard’s VPN service appears ideal for anybody interested in maintaining their comprehensive online privacy.

When you pay a best for service, it seems sensible to expect a definite amount of elegance to justify the expense. TorGuard’s UI merely does not offer this. For instance, when starting up the app, users are offeredby a number of mechanical options—however there is no clarification, even with a mouseover, of these choices.

The firm’s VPN plan permits for five instantaneous connections. Added connections can be had for an added dollar per device, for each month.

Bottom line

According to TorGuard Review TorGuard provides users through respectable linking speeds to server in the U.K., multiple unnamed payment options, plus a no-logging policy, creating it ideal for those who worth their privacy.

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Protect Your Privacy With VPN – What You Need to Know

The onset of technology has made everything fast and easy. Sadly, there are also people who use the benefits of technology on their own selfish schemes like hacking to get money, stealing personal information for credit card fraud, and anything in between. Privacy is one thing that we should not disregard, especially when using private data online.

There’s nothing more you want than to be able to access websites without being monitored or to protect your files from being anonymously corrupted. If you value privacy more than anything in the world, then it’s time that you subscribe to a VPN service.

using private data online

What is a VPN?

It actually stands for Virtual Private Network which is a platform used basically for privacy purposes, especially when you’re connected to private and public networks like hotspots and the internet. Private individuals and even various organizations use VPN in protecting important data. It generally works by replacing the IP address of your computer to one that belongs with the VPN provider.

Looking for VPN Service Providers

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of VPN, you need to find a reliable service provider. The TorGuard Review will show you that this software will effectively give you the privacy and security while you browse through the internet as it works to hide the IP address that you have. An IP address shows information about your location. Another benefit of TorGuard is that it can also block various sites and firewall sites, as well, while concealing your location in order to provide your private info from hackers or just anyone for that matter.

Protecting Your Privacy

There actually a lot of reasons why you need to get VPN services. On top of the ladder is of course, your privacy. For instance, you may not be aware of it but your emails are targets of hacking, especially when they’re not encrypted. Any valuable information that they get from you can be the basis of credit card theft or when worse comes to worst, even identity theft.  There are also sites which you can only access with a VPN due to country restrictions.

If you want to important information from your online activities, the best way to do this is by subscribing to a VPN service provider. It’s not only the best way but the only way to make sure that your transactions are secured, especially those that involve money.